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Being away from the ship

Posted on Sat Sep 9th, 2023 @ 6:54pm by Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti

Sitting at his desk reviewing his padd with the questions he's going to ask each person.

Kronnelti also thinks about what she told me about how the Vaj knew about us.

But what about the romulan what play does he have in this?

Kronnelti had a lot on his mind.....he then shakes his head, come on he says out loud

He gets up and goes to the replicator Blood wine served warm. Seconds later his drink appears, Kronnelti then takes it and starts pacing.

Sipping his drink he can't help but think about that gash that was on the Xo's forehead.

I'll talk with the cmo first he says to himself

But it's late

I'll miss this ship

So for now this is my last nap here.


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