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It's dangerous to go alone!

Posted on Fri Jul 31st, 2020 @ 11:15pm by Ensign Joshua ‘Josh’ Anderson

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Present


Josh had spent a while unpacking in his quarters, and was unaware of the chaos that was happening in sickbay. He didn't know about Collier, and what was happening with the 2nd Lieutenant. At least not until the general quarters klaxon began calling out across the ship. Josh wondered what was happening. Was the ship about to come under attack? Was there a problem with one of the Chuck's major systems? Was there an intruder?

Anderson made his way out into the corridors of the ship. Members of the crew were moving through the corridors with purpose, some appeared to be armed.

"Hey," Josh grabbed a passing Bolian crewman, "what's going on?"

The blue-skinned man initially appeared perturbed at being stopped, but answered the man, "2nd Lieutenant Collier... there's something wrong with him. We've been ordered to apprehend him."

"The strategic operations officer?" Josh questioned, "What has he done?"

The Bolian shook his head, "I don't know. We've just been ordered by Ensign Unova to find him and apprehend him, with force if necessary. Now please, I need to start looking for him."

"Wait one second," Josh went back into his quarters for a moment and re-emerged armed with a phaser. "I've never met Collier, but if we need to find him, I'm helping." he tapped the Bolian on the back and the two men started to move down the corridor. "What's your name, crewman?"

"Thisk." The man answered curtly. "Eron Thisk."

"I'm Josh." Anderson nodded with a smile.

I know in my last post Anderson was on SB10, but I don't think the ship will be reaching there anytime soon! So if I'm not stepping on any toes, I'll play it that Anderson has been on the ship for a little while, but he's only just getting in on the action now!

Ensign Joshua 'Josh' Anderson
Assist. Chief Operations Officer
USS Chuck Norris, NCC-4005


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