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New Crew

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 7:25pm by Ensign John Wyatt

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

I can't do this Ensign wyatt told himself in a panicked state.
Wyatt was now hyperventilating and pacing his quarters back and forth.
The reason was due to the fact that he was going to be meeting the new crewmembers. He was nervous about them not liking him because after all he had met the famed James Tiberius Kirk and the great mr.spock.It was something he felt would make envy. It's not like it was a secret either it was regresiterd in the star Fleet archives.
Wyatt knew that eventually they would arrive on starbase 10.At first it looked like a new opportunity but then he time traveled.
He knew he wasn't the only one who idolized kirk.To wyatt kirk and Jean-luc picard were his motivation to join Starfleet and one day become captain of his own ship.
As wyatt thought of this ambition a memory came to him.
It was a memory of another time of his father.
It was a bright sunny morning in his native home town of Salt lake city,Utah located in the United States. His father had just come back from the 19th century due to some Starfleet mission he was on. At the time wyatt was left to raise his younger brothers and sisters.His mother was rarely home as about 98% of the time she was on a space vessel serving as a yeomen. His father was a Starfleet representative. The next day his dad had to leave again.Little did wyatt know that that was the last time he'd see his dad as he was. He found out shortly after he left that he had been ASSIMILATED.About a day later he got a vague recording from his father.
"John if you're getting this two things have happened I am either ASSIMILATED or dead either way I need you to find me and if I'm assailmated I need you to kill me son I know to much and if the Borg find out it could mean the end of the Federation."
Wyatt had no intentions of killing him but after he found his dad on some planet. He had begun to attempt to ASSIMILATE him "We are the Borg resistance is futile" he said. Unfortunately wyatt did pull the trigger of his phaser and his dad fell dead. The last thing he heard him say was "thank you john I love you always will"
"I love you to dad"

Wyatt now lying in the bed began sobbing at this memory it wasn't even a secret Starfleet knew about it as well as the crew of the norris. Wyatt had promised himself that with the courage of his father,the wisdom of Jean-luc picard and the leadership of James Tiberius Kirk that he would be captain someday.

"Wyatt your needed on the bridge" the ships intercom said.

Wyatt then went there but was still crying.
"Your father?" Winters asked "yeah I still cant believe I-I killed him" "you didn't kill him wyatt you gave him the death was coming to him anyway.He wanted to die quickly that's why he asked you to do it.You were always his favorite son.I think he even saw a future Starfleet captain greater then Kirk in you."winters explained" "Thank you winters"
"No problem now let's get back to the starbase and figure things out okay?" "Okay" "allright wyatt I need you to go back to the intelligence office and let me know what comes in" "Ay sir"


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