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Better late then never

Posted on Mon Aug 3rd, 2020 @ 3:07am by Captain Aurther Winters & Commander Ech'am G'ginloss

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Current

(Sound system activates)

Attention Starbase 10, Attention Starbase 10. Docking ship sequence has begun. Chuck Norris is arriving. I say again, The Chuck Norris has arrived. All new personal for this ship report to star pad 37 observation deck. Report to Admiral Wislon.

"Lt Ech'am G'ginloss reporting as ordered sir." The Lt said as he entered the observation deck.

"Your ship has just arrived Lt. G'ginloss. Later then originally expected. That is no matter at this current timeframe. The reports will be what matters. What you need to know Lt is that the engineering department is not what it should be. They have lacked the discipline needed to run efficiently and effectively. These are my opinions only. Do not let them influence you in any way. Do you understand Lt?" The Admiral hastily said.

"Ye..........." Ech'am tried to respond to the question as he was cut off mid reply.

"Your credibility is the only reason you are getting assigned here on one of our best ships, personally I'd send you to a cargo ship if i had any say." He turns to look the Lt in the eyes. "I dont particularly care for your kind, and frankly I dont like you. Your fights are what will be your end, you are not cut out for this and i dare you to prove me wrong. If you manage to, perhaps I may be wrong about you."

"Permission to speak frankly sir." G'ginloss requested.

"By all means Lt." The Admiral replied

"You are a pompous ass waiting for new recruits to fail so that you can have a reason to prevent newcomers from stepping foot here that are non human. I found out that it was you who set those fights up in order to injure, or kill me in an accident. Yet you forgot to take into consideration my heritage. I have already proven that i can handle myself and will be right here waiting for you to eat your hateful words when I prove my qualifications that those above you have seen."

"We shall see in due course Lt." Was all that the admiral was able to say before another of the new crew for the Chuck Norris arrived to the observation deck.

(Chuck Norris - Bridge)

"Aye sir, bringing ship in at ¹/⁴ inpulse, docking sequence has begun. 30 seconds until docking sequence is complete."

"Excellent", Winters crossed his legs as he leaned over slightly in the command chair. His eyes scanned through the various displays and readings. He knew everything was in good hands, but there was never not a good reason just to keep and eye on things. The trajectory was good, vector speed and angle were optimal, and within a few more seconds the ship came to an overall stop and locked into place.

"We have docked" Lt. Collier announced as he turned his chair to face the bridge.

"Set condition blue throughout the ship. Transfer all logs and requests to the quartermaster and inform Operations to inform all incoming crew that we have arrived."

"Aye sir."

Aurther then opened up the comms channel, "Winters to vonMcCormick"

=/\= Uh... wait... hello... what up Commander? =/\=

"Just thought I would let you know we have returned to Starbase 10. I'm not sure if there is anything you wanted to know or do in particular."

=/\= Uhm, thanks for the heads up, I'll just keep to my quarters for now. vonMcCormick out =/\=

"Okay, well I guess the new crew will come to me first." Winters checked his Padd and started to look over the new transfers.

All crew on bridge reply here


=/\= Lt. Ech'am to the Chuck Norris. I was informed to reach out to a Commander Winters.=/\=

=/\= Chuck Norris to Lt. Ech'am, putting you through to Commander Winters now =/\=

=/\= Winters here, Lt. Ech'am is it? Our new Chief Engineer I see. Well it's good to hear from you, as a former Chief Engineer myself I think we have a few things we can talk about. I am sure you are aware that the Norris has docked, if you'd like you can report directly to the ship to your quarters, see engineering if you'd like or report to me. You can find me in the ready room on the bridge. =/\=

=/\= Understood Sir, I will be aboard shortly. The new Chief engineer replied. =/\= A short few minutes later the door chime could be heard going off. The Lt figured his department wouldn't be going anywhere.

The door chime to the ready room chimed. Aurther put down the PADD onto the desk from his hands and took a brief moment to straighten both himself and his uniform. "Enter" he said, with a pleasant tone. The doors swooshed open and standing before him was a very young looking Klingon. The man carried himself well, and almost look to be standing at attention, but just slightly relaxed enough to put off people around him. "Please have a seat", Aurther motioned to chair in front of him.

Lt Ech'am G'ginloss, at that walked into the room and took the seat that was offered. "It seemed the proper thing to report to you sir. In my tradition it is wisest to know those above you." He said as he took his seat. He almost stared at the commander now, not blinking. Yet not having fully understood human conventions as they stand. He was definitely sizing this person up, trying to determine Commander Winters strength.

To do this was engraved into him. He also noted it made many people uncomfortable and showed they had weakness. Would this man here do the same or would he return the gaze unwaveringly. After a short period he broke the silence, gazing still at the commander.

"How does this ship handle in mid warp with the power transfer within the plasma conductors?" He asked not only to begin learning more about those ship but to gardner the Commanders experience.

Aurther took a moment to process the question, his mouth slightly moving from one side to the other. It was an odd questioned to be asked out of the gate, but as an engineer himself it wasn't that unusual. His eyes slowly made their way up and looked at the young Lieutenant before he sat back in the chair. "That was an issue during my first tour with the Norris, but we were able to create some additional subroutines to handle the intermix problem that would have generally around warp 4.6 to 5.7. However once we were able to equalize the multiadaptive subspace field and use recognition protocols with the super structure as well as bolster additional warp field support using secondary elements of the warp engine nacelles with a multisubsonic nullifier, we've been able to have a very smooth ride since."

Aurther had a general sense of what was going on, serving on a variety of different ships and outposts, you always want to know what kind of leadership was above you. A question like this was a test, just to gauge how one would react. It wasn't an easy question to answer if you didn't know what you were doing. However as he looked back at the Klingon, his face unchanged, he wondered what was going through his head.

"Very good sir." He said as he cracked the slightest grin. Barely distinguishable to any that did not deal with klingons often. "When was the last time the isolinier rods were calibrated to recieve the positron alpha flow within the flux network of the antimatter chamber? Without meaning to show his reaction his brow ever so slightly raised to show that he was impressed this person before him truly did know this ship, its capabilities, and fixes for the unknown. Against his better judgment, he was finding that he just might fit in with this human.

Aurther gave a small smile back, "You got me on that one Lieutenant, the last time they were calibrated was a month before I arrived, and judging by the travel we have just done I would say that they are due for a good calibration. I would say make that your first priority once you make yourself down to engineering." He stood up and handed the Klingon a PADD with some repairs that needed to be done, as well as few upgrades. "I don't want to cut this too brief, but I do have a few other things pressing. Make yourself at home, I will stop by to see how you are doing. Dismissed."
The two men nodded as Ech'am left the ready room and Winters looked back at the other PADDs on his desk, trying to figure out which one to deal with first.

OFF: I think this needs to get out here, just to get the story moving along as we need to get everyone going at Starbase 10! -Winters


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