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The end of Q?

Posted on Tue Nov 21st, 2023 @ 9:08pm by Commander Mira Rodale

Mission: The Q Effect
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Present

{Bridge, Klingon ship}

Walking onto the bridge, Mira gave a tired smile. "We got them all."

The Captain nodded and then looked at the pilot. "Head towards Klingon space, cloak then change course to federation space."
He looked back at Rodale.
"Anything unusual to report?" he asked her.

Smirking, she told him, " For this mission? Just the normal insanity topped off with a trial. Seems we didn't make it without the Romulans finding out."

He nodded, "Ah, but they found a Klingon ship, not us. That would be playing into their rules, I believe."

Thinking about it for a moment, a slow smile came to her lips. "You're right. We did complete it then."

"Get cleaned up and eat. You look like you are about to drop." Michael told her with some concern in his voice.

"I feel that way, Sir. How long until we are out of Romulan space?" She asked.

"A few days. We are going back to Earth Spacedock. I will have to make a report about all of this."

Mira wince at the idea of reporting all of this to anyone. She was worried her own report was going to land her inside a counselor office. So she gave him a nod and left the bridge to find her own quarters on this ship.

{Personal quarters}
Keying entry, she walked in and frowned as she looked around. "I am so over this,"

Q seat in a room that could only have come from some old fashion Arabian bedroom for a king.

She turned around to leave but the door was gone. There was a flash of light, and she was clean and dressed in some silky little outfit, the same dark blue as her eyes. "I am not....."
"Yes, yes, I know, come eat with me. You're hungry." Q told her.

Turning around, she really looked at all the food. "None of you old tricks?"

"No," he pouted, then smiled. "I have new ones!"

Mira laughed nervously. "That is what I am worried about." Sitting on a cushion, she curled her legs under her, then reached for the food. She smelled it, and then her eyes met his. "Your new tricks wouldn't be trying to drug me, would it?" she raised I delicate eyebrow at him as she asked.

"You wound me my beauty. I would never." He put his hand over his heart.

Mira ate it, thinking it was some kind of fig she thought. Most of the food she didn't recognize but that didn't stop her. Food was food, whatever it looked like. When she was full, she picked up an ice cold mint tea. Sipping it slowly, she let her eyes meet Q. "My captain and crew want to head home now."

He smiled. "I didn't hear you wanting to go."

She smiled "Oh I want to go home too. You know, if you had started out this way with me, it might have worked more favorable for you. Not that I would be willing to ...." she waved to the bed.

He smiled. "I am Q. The bed is not necessary to bring a Q into this reality."

Mira blinked. "We and by that, I mean the crew, the Captain, Faline, her people, and myself all want to be in federation space , in our federation ship and at Earth Spacedock."

Q laughed, "I suppose you mean Vaytoc, too?"
Mira started cursing, making Q laugh harder. "Of course him too." She told him.

He held up his hand. "I was only teasing you. Your temper is so enjoyable. I will miss that."

The man was clearly insane Mira though.

"We could travel to the gamma or delta quadrant? We barely looked at the Beta quadrant. What if I took off all the rules and penalties, too? I could even send the ship back, and we could travel together. You could see sights no human has ever seen and I'll see to it that you arrive back in your time on the same day as we left." He smiled smugly, thinking he had won.

Mira bit her lip. "Like I said, if you had come at me this way when we first met. Then I might have been foolish enough to trust you, but you didn't, and I do know you know."

Q nodded and then snapped his fingers. The light flashed, and they were now sitting on her cushions she had on the floor of her quarters on the USS Chuck Norris. She looked down, her silky little outfit hadn't changed, so she raised an eyebrow at him.

"You didn't think I was going to put your uniform on you?" Q asked. Taking her hand, he pulled her up and into his arms. "You gave me a kiss before, now I am going to kiss you goodnight."

Mira had to admit the man.....Q could kiss. Not that it made her heart skip beats or anything. That came from feelings, and she didn't have feelings for Q. Then she stepped back, Mira frowned because there was a glow around her. "Q, what have you done?"

She had a moment of surprise because she could say his name. He did say he would lift the rules.

Q waved his hand, and the glow formed into a ball in over hand. "Goodnight, sweet Mira."

Mira started to fall, but Q picked her up and then placed her on her bed. Then, with a snap of his fingers, he and the ball of energy were gone. Vaytoc appeared in the room. Seeing Mira, he calmed and crawled into bed with her.

{USS Chuck Norris, Bridge}

Captain Michael Intermeezo looked around with amazement and worry. He looked to the science officer, "Are we missing anyone?" The screen showed them at Earth Spacedock.

The science officer looked up from the Scanner on her console. "We have the right amount of life forms, Captain."

"Is there a trill on board?" he asked, wondering if his XO had done something to get them all home.
"Two Sir, Mira is in her quarters, and there is in sickbay."

Rodriguez frowned. "You mean half Trill half human in sickbay?"

"No, I am picking up. I Trill baby in sickbay."

Rodriguez frowned, watching the door for Mira to come in. As soon as the ship changed, she would have come to the bridge to check on the ship. She couldn't have slept through that? "Sir Rodale would have come ....."

The Captain nodded, thinking the same thing, "Walker check on Mira."

{Mira's personal quarters}

Walker ran all the way there and then keyed entry. The doors opened, and he walked in. he frowned, seeing her sleeping. "Mira? Rodale? Lt.Commander?" she didn't answer. Walking over, he touched her. Still no response. Vaytoc hissed at him in his angry cat way.

Tapping his comm badge, he said , "Walker to Captain Intermeezo."

=/\= Captain Intermeezo here=/\=

"Sir, she is not responding. I am taking her to sickbay." Walker said as he picked Mira up. "If you're coming. Vaytoc, come."

Then he ran out.

Place her down on a biobed. He looked up to see K'ner walking over. "What happened?" She asked.

"Not sure I found her this way." Walker told her then stepped back.

K'ner frowned, then the scans came back normal for a healthy Trill female.

Mira blinked her eyes opened and looked at K'ner. "Geesh Doc, I would have come in for my after mission check-up. You didn't have to beam me here."

"I didn't. You were brought in unconscious." K'ner told her, then waited for Mira to say more.

Mira frowned for a moment, then tried to get up, only have K'ner push her back into a laying position on the Biobed. "You're not going anywhere, Lt.Commander until I run a few more tests."

Mira cursed. "Am I pregnant?" she blurted out.
K'ner looked back up at the scanners. "No, why?"

Mira relaxed, then noticed the ship was back to normal. "Q..... I remember talking to him last. What part of space are we in?"

Walker came to the other side of her bed. "We are at Earth."

Mira looked surprised. "Really?"

Lt.Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris

Off: That brings our mission to an end. We are docked at Earth Spacedock. Feel free to post on the base or Earth. I can't wait to read some character development posts, and as always, I am free for a JP if you like.


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