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Tantrums about

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 1:24am by Lieutenant Commander Balen Pibb & Chief Petty Officer Mark Ryoko

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Main Security
Timeline: Unknown

(Main Security Office)

Chief Ryoko sat at his station in disbelief as to what has transpired on the planet's surface. Only moments later the door opened to find one of the Field Producers.

"Why has permission been denied for us to beam to the surface for filming?"

The Kelpien rocked softly in the chair for it to squeak softly before clearing his throat.

"I cannot allow you to film this incident any further. I'm sure you're aware that Starfleet Intelligence will likely confiscate all your footage? I mean the implications of what's happened so far. Could you imagine the reaction from your viewers? Not to mention the Klingons?"

The young man began to puff up for a tantrum, before the Kelpien stood.

"Do you believe your hight or position scares me Chief?"

*shaking his head* "I really don't care. You are a guest here and there is a very serious mission, with real consequences unfolding. May I suggest. You continue to interview the crew? Many have expressed interest in speaking with your crew."

"We'll see what the Captain has to say about this Chief." As he turned to leave the office.

"May I recommend following the chain of command and consult the Operations officer..." as he was cut off by the Producer exiting.

"My what a rude little young man." And, return to his seat and began his list of questions for the new Captain's that have emerged from the distortion. He made care that they were properly quartered aboard the Norris. He felt the attention to detail would be appreciated by the temporal dignitaries. Whoever, they really are.


MAC Mark Ryoko
Security Investigator
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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