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A New Threat

Posted on Tue Aug 22nd, 2023 @ 11:00am by Captain Michael Intermeezo
Edited on on Mon Aug 28th, 2023 @ 3:59pm

Mission: The Zaj
Location: Various
Timeline: Present

{Deep Space Nine, Deborios Belt, Bajoran Space}

“Report!” Colonel Kira Nerys called out over the noise of explosions and implosions that currently littered main ops.

“They’re coming around for another pass!” Ezri Dax replied. “Shields down to 23% and falling!”

“Nog!” Kira shouted towards her Ferengi officer.

“I’m working on it, Colonel!” The young officer replied. “Rerouting auxiliary power to shields!”

Doctor Julian Bashir chimed in, “I’m getting casualty reports from across the station!”

Suddenly the explosions and the rocking ceased, just as quickly as they had began. There was an uneasy calm in the air, and the officers looked at each other nervously, not knowing what to expect. When was the next volley of weapons fire going to hit the station?

“They’re retreating back through the wormhole.” Dax reported.

“On viewer!” Kira ordered.

On the large screen, they watched as the half a dozen enemy ships entered the blue hued wormhole, and vanished.

{Starbase One, Earth’s Orbit}

“The Zaj?” Michael Intermeezo questioned.

“That’s right.” Admiral Yoshimeyer nodded. “That’s what they’re calling themselves.”

“Do we know anything about them?”

“Just that they’re from the Gamma quadrant and that they used the Bajoran wormhole as a means to attack Deep Space Nine. DS9 was heavily damaged, but thankfully casualties were low.”

Mike shook his head in disbelief. I hadn’t even been a decade since the end of the Dominion War, and now this new threat had come out of nowhere. “Have they given any reason as to why they attacked DS9?”

The Admiral shook his head, “Not really. They sent a short voice recorded message as soon as they arrived through the wormhole. Something about them not tolerating any further incursions from Starfleet into the Gamma quadrant.” He paused for a moment. “Their ships were of a strange design. Rock-like in their composition. And evidence that the inside of their ships were running at incredible temperatures. Temperatures that you’d find within a volcano. I don’t think they’re like anything we’ve ever come across in recent memory.”

“What are our orders?” Mike asked.

“I want the Chuck Norris stationed immediately at DS9 for the foreseeable incase the Zaj return. Defiant class vessels have a proven track record in that part of the galaxy, so I’ll feel better if you and your crew were there, ready to take action if DS9 is attacked again.” He sighed. “Use diplomacy first, ahead of any potential firefight. But I don’t need to tell you that your first priority is to protect DS9.”

{Deep Space Nine, 9 days later}

The Chuck Norris had successfully docked at the large space station after travelling the great distance between Earth and the Bajoran system. Intermeezo had already briefed his officers of recent events, so they were well aware of the situation, and were ready to act if called upon.

For now however, the Captain was happy for his crew to depart the ship and explore the station if they wished to do so. His first port of call was to meet the commanding officer, Colonel Kira Nerys. He stepped onto the deck of the space station and looked around in awe. Legendary things had happened here during the Dominion War, and he was secretly very excited to get the chance to explore the station.


So the Federation is possibly facing another Dominion-like threat from the Gamma quadrant! Who and what is this new species called the Zaj, and will they return any time soon? What is their ultimate goal? Can they be reasoned with? I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t friendly.

Feel free to explore DS9 and interact with its inhabitants and stores! I’ll look at moving the story along this weekend to keep things going. But otherwise, have fun! There’s no right or wrong way to go with this. It’s totally open!

Captain Michael Intermeezo
Commanding Officer
USS Chuck Norris


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