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The Trailblazing Saga - Into the Storm

Posted on Mon Oct 4th, 2021 @ 7:49pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Death's Triangle
Location: U.S.S. Trailblazer
Timeline: 42 Years Ago

OFF: What else happened?

ON: (U.S.S. Trailblazer - Bridge)

'I need answers and I need them now!" Captain Peterson voice had a tinge of worry in his voice. He continued to make his way around the bridge, taking the time look at each station as he passed. His heart slightly sank, even though he would never show it to the crew. The ship continued to be out of power. Consoles and panels were opened as each officer was working feverishly attempting to figure out and fix the problem. Occasionally a small light would be seen as the the tools went on and off, yet after 30 minutes, it appeared that they were nowhere near finding a solution to their problem.

"Sir, it would appear at this time that all of our usual repair efforts seem to be in vein. I am curious if you would like to pursue a different course in action at this time?" Commander Skau asked as he walked up behind the Captain.

"I'm open to anything at this point. I wish I knew what was going on right now. To have an entire Starship just lose power? All of it's power in a mere moment is something unheard of." He paused for a moment before leaning in closer to the Vulcan to keep their conversation private. "You don't think this is a weapon do you?"

"There are not enough details for me to make that sort of judgment yet sir." Skau flatly rebuffed the claim. Although he could read the slight expression in his Captain's face. "Although, logic would dictate at this time that the odds of it being a weapon would be on the lesser side." Hoping the logic of situation would calm the Captain down.

"How do you figure that?" Peterson questioned the logic. Logic that he wanted to believe.

"Well sir, if it was a weapon, one would assume that you would not leave your enemy in some sort of purgatory. The mere fact that we haven't been destroyed yet bolsters well for this being a natural phenomenon in one sense or another." He paused as he thought through his logic as well. "And if we were being boarded, in one way or another, you would assume the bridge would be the first place one would try to secure."

"So you're saying even though we're currently unable to contact any of the other decks, and even get the turbolifts working, there is more evidence that this is a natural sort of... disaster we're in? Perhaps flew into some sort of, cosmic interference or storm?"

"Yes Captain. One that you, I and crew should be able to handle with. I know that you have unease being this close to the Federation border without power, but there is no logic in worrying about those facts when the most prudent form of action is repair."

The Captain thought for a good little bit, before he straightened his uniform, took a few deep breaths and nodded. "You are correct. The priorities should be getting the environmental systems back online, and communication so we can get a call out for help."

"Agreed, I will continue to assist with communication." the Vulcan nodded.

"Okay." Peterson looked around, and even with a little self reassurance, the feeling of dread never left.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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