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The Trailblazing Saga

Posted on Fri Oct 1st, 2021 @ 6:15pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Death's Triangle
Location: U.S.S. Trailblazer
Timeline: 42 Years ago

OFF: Let's add some context and spin to this mission!

ON: (U.S.S. Trailblazer - Bridge)

There was a small flash of blue in the distance as the Miranda Class starship came out of warp and straight into half impulse. The Trailblazer was an older Miranda class, not built in the original run, but nothing that new about her. She still sported the roll-bar design that was popular until those class of ships started to be scaled back.
The doors the back of the bridge opened as an tall order man entered. He took a seat in the command chair as the Vulcan Officer stood up as vacated the seat when the Captain arrived.

"Status report Mr. Skau." The Captain asked after making himself comfortable. The Vulcan handed the Captain a PADD for him to review.

"Nothing of consequence sir. We have arrived to our final sector of patrol and the last leg of the border. One would say the more dangerous sectors, as we are now the closet to Romulan Klingon border."

"One might say that? What about you?" he questioned, somewhat jokingly.

"One do see the inherit risks that are posed to the ship. However or relative distance to the other 2 borders, as well as any activity that has been seen over the last 7 months would preclude one to assume that much like other patrols, the odds of us running into another ship are only 6%.", The Vulcan sounded very sure of himself.

"Well that does me some kind of assurance." The Captain gave a small little half smile, the Vulcan did not reciprocate and gave the Captain back a neutral stare. "Well, at least your information, not quite your facial expressions. I can't be to certain what you are thinking half the time."

"I can assure you Captain, you need not wonder what it is... that I am thinking. If you ask, I will let you know."

"I'll have to remember that, I sense I may not like the answer." He chuckled to himself. This time he heard a small amount of laughter that also came from the bridge crew.
For the next few hours, it was business as normal on the ship, the men and women of the Trailblazer carried on their work, standard and tedious that it was.

"Captain, I am getting some off readings. Bearing 122, mark 299." The Vulcan noted.

"What is it?" The Captain questioned.

"Unsure at this time, sensors are having a hard time getting a read on it."

"Is it a cloaked ship?"

"Unclear, although it seems to be moving towards us."


"Yellow alert would be most prudent at this time."

"Tactical, go to yellow alert."

"Aye.." The women was cut off as the ship suddenly went black. Within a few seconds the emergency lighting activated as the crew now puzzled looked at each other, then back to the Captain, hoping for some answers. The Captain looked over at his Vulcan Science Officer. For the first time they could see they both had the same look on their faces, worry.

OFF: What happened here so many years ago?

Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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