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Finally Home

Posted on Wed Sep 22nd, 2021 @ 3:34am by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Onassis Discovery
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001, Starbase 10
Timeline: Current

(Starbase 10 - Sickbay)

"Ah, Commander Wyatt, it's good to see you awake." Wyatt heard a voice call. Wyatt was either half asleep or half dead because he didn't recognize what had happened. Which seemed to be a uncomfortably usual situation for him.

" I" Wyatt proclaimed as he glanced at the doctor. Finally as his vision came back into focus he was able to pinpoint the women talking to him. Commander insignia on her neck, and his surroundings were not of the Chuck Norris, but more more in line with a large base. Starbase 10, Wyatt realized that he was back on Starbase 10.

"Well you saved the captains life Commander. I must say that was a brave act, all be it possibly stupid act as you could have gotten yourself killed as well." the doctor explained.

"I have died before and I'll surely die again." Wyatt proclaimed as he tried to sit up from his current position.

"Uhm, I strongly suggest that you should stay it bed rest for at least another day or two." she placed a hand on his chest. She didn't apply any pressure, it was made more of a gesture.

"Is that an order?" Wyatt objected back, stopping to see her answer.

"More of a suggestion Commander." She gave a soft smile, hope it might sway his thoughts.

"I'm fine I've been through worse" Wyatt said as he moved to his feet. "I'm alive." Wyatt hoped off the bed and stretched slightly. Although he could feel pain and aches in his body, he was able to mask them, as the doctor had no idea.

"It appears you are. in that case you are clear to return to duty, but I have my reservations."

"Reservations are best to be kept at restaurants doctor. I can assure you, I am as fine as I ever have been." Wyatt knew this to be more of a half truth, but the doctor accepted it as an answer and allowed the man to leave sickbay.

(Bridge - U.S.S. Chuck Norris)

Wyatt was finally home, after being months away from the ship he had left a feeling of loneliness and despair. After he had time to process those months, and what had happened in sickbay, seeing the captain he felt undeniable guilt.

"Captain..I..uhm..." Wyatt began to speak when his tongue became tied up. Aurther spun around in the command chair to face him. Wyatt was usually able to be able to read his friend and Captain, but the blank expression on his face was one of the best poker hands he had saw. His eyes lingered for moment when he realized that Aurther had some medical device still on the side of his face.

"Commander Wyatt, I have been waiting for you. Please come with me to my ready room." Winters stood up and motioned with his arm in one movement. Wyatt could feel his body tighten, not out of pain, but out of slight fear. He had heard that Lt. G'odoss had been removed as the second officer, and could see and feel that the Captain was clearing house in a manner of speaking. It was almost like being back in school. As he made his way to the ready room, the feeling of heading to the principles office was almost a one to one comparison. It only took a good few struts before the doors of the ready room closed and the two men were now alone.

"Captain..." Wyatt tried to get ahead and apologize for the actions of the last few months. He thought if he could explain what happened, maybe Winters would keep him on the ship. Before he could try to explain every situation they had been in, Winters held up his hand, much like the doctor had done earlier.

"Commander." Aurther paused, "John, I know. I know what's going through your head right now. You want to try and explain, out reason to what has happened with you. Try to explain your actions, and I just want to get ahead of you trying to get ahead of me." Winters took a few steps before sitting down at his desk and holding up a PADD. "This was sent to me earlier this week. I guess the Admiral decided to wait until you were fully awake on on your feet. Apparently she knew exactly what you would do and wanted to help." He gently slid it over for Wyatt to look over. "I would say you have some friends in high places."

"Admiral Marcus?" Wyatt replied.

"She has vouched for you, and with this report has gone over your behavior, some redacted mission briefings, and a few other items."

"You've read it all?" Wyatt's hand started to scroll over the information. It was hundreds of heavily detailed reports, and evaluations of Wyatt and his escapades.

"Well you have been out for almost a week, I've had some time." Winters stated.

"Well I suppose it makes sense don't it?" Wyatt said. Suddenly Winter combadge chirped. "Sir, Admiral Marcus wishes to speak to you and Wyatt." The engineer said. "I'll take it in my office." Winters replied. "I'm sorry, but she's here in the Transporter." he replied

"I'm on my way" Winters chipped " Wyatt come with me as apparently the Admiral wants to see both of us." Wyatt nodded as the two men left the ready room and headed down to meet the Admiral in the transporter room. As the entered, the chief nodded to Winters.

"Energize." He ordered, and within a few seconds, the elder Admiral was now standing in front of them. "Admiral Marcus, good to see you again."

"Captain Winters, Commander Wyatt, I have matters to discuss with you both. Is their a office we can take up the matter?" Marcus asked.

"Yes follow me to my ready room" Winters replied. The trio headed back from the transporter room and headed back to the ready room. Once they made their quick journey and entered Winters ready room again. Winters took a seat back at his seat, Wyatt was beside him standing as the Admiral sat across from the two of them.

"Well Winters I assume you read the information I sent?"

Winters looked a little surprised, and checked down on the desk. He went quickly looking through all the different PADD's but was unable to locate the exact one the Admiral was talking about. "I'm sorry ma'am, there has been a lot of information and repairs going on. There is a good chance that the information that you sent me might have gotten lost in the mix of things. I feel at this point now though, you could just tell me in person."

"Well it was the information regarding Wyatt. However I guess I can address it in person as both are present. So you remember that phaser incident? Yes, well Wyatt's bran scan showed symptoms of a Romulan mind meld. We believe they may have had a assassination's attempt on you" Marcus explained. "However I'm not here on official Starfleet business. I came to save a friendship. Winters you and Wyatt are like the Kirk and Spock of this era. I should know I met em." Marcus explained

Winters was about to speak as soon as she had finished. "I would never have taken you of being that old Admiral." he attempted to play off the fact that he just called the women old.

In return, she gave off a soft warm smile, "This is just my opinion of course. But I have been watching you two interact for a few years now. I have always had Wyatt's best interest in my heart, for reasons that there is just not enough time to explain at this time. But you two work great as a team, and it seems that your warp fields are just not matching right now. This is of course due to whatever happened you John, but I know we will figure it out." she reassured the man. Turning to face Aurther, "And I know you have been through a lot since you have taken command of the Chuck Norris. Essentially one disaster and emergency after another. It's a true testament to your command abilities that you've been able to face them as well as you have."

"Thank you Admiral." Both Winters and Wyatt replied in unison.

"But as I said, this isn't just about praising the two of you. And while not officially on a Starfleet matter, I am going to need John to come back with me to the Starbase. I have pulled a few strings to get some of the best neurosurgeons and psychologist that I could. We don't have a lot of time to be under the sensors of Starfleet, but the quicker we can get you in, the quicker we can see and reverse with whatever is going on in your head young man."

Wyatt's eyes opened wide, "You mean...?"

"You have put your trust in me before John, I am just asking for the same level of trust now. Believe me when I say, all I want is the best for you." she tried to comfort him.

"Captain?" John looked back at Aurther and felt reassured by the look on his face that everything was going to be alright.

"I would trust her John, we'll be here for at least another week or so. I promise we won't go anywhere without you." He smiled and placed his hand onto the man shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze. The two nodded as Wyatt now stood up and started to move with the Admiral.

"He'll be fine Captain." Marcus assured everyone as they left.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer


Lt. Cmdr. John Wyatt
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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