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We need to get out

Posted on Fri May 1st, 2020 @ 9:09am by Ensign John Wyatt

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001
Timeline: Current

*forgive me I'm trying to get the nang if this

Wyatt has starfleet said anything about this?The captain asked staring out a very odd light coming from the view screen. No sir no one can identify it.He relpied.Thank you Wyatt.He added.followed by a almost immediate response from Wyatt again.But sir I may know what that is can I take a better look at it sir ? You may but report any discies to me we should've been able to make that jump.He replied Will do he replied walking to the space suits.Oh Wyatt please be carefull out there Jim kirk died the same way.I'm not kirk captain nor snor am I Picard Im not that great.Wyatt concluded.

Okay this light showed up out of nowhere when we tried to jump to warp speed.I have to go in to it. I'm sorry captain I'm going in.He said to the captain through his communicator.Wyatt don't its not safe get back on this dammit.The captain replied.followed with Wyatt get back here now followed by a lot of profanities.

Sir his communicator seems disabeld he can't hear you. A man said from the end of the bridge.

Wyatt was now in the light only on the inside it wasn't light. it was another ship only a damaged ship barely opeartinol with the warp drive busted. The ship was leaking diluthium gas out of every port.That might have been the issue the high levels mustve interfered with the ships hyper drive.
Hello someone there? Anyone can someone help Mme? He heard a faint voice say.Now this voice was a women's but somehow Wyatt knew it too.

After following the voice he found the ships yeomen.Based on the ships present state she was the only survivor.

The second he saw her he started crying and ran time hug her.Mom? This is in possible you're d-d dead you sacrificed your life for Jim kirk.
That's only part of it sweetheart you are in grave danger and there's much you don't know.

But for now call your captain and ask for his help we are trapped in a time warp.Only he can help us that light was the warp.we? He asked. The 3 others behind me.Wyatt looked up to see 2 girls who appeared to be about 6 and 14.Who are they? Children I saved please call your captain..
I can't mom coms busted.Let me see it.Doing as asked he handed it to her.It glowed for a second then became normal almost instantly.Now try it Com's need to be specially adjusted here.

Wyatt to captain.Wyatt to captain.
Oh thank heavens your okay wyatt.,Where are you?
I need youre help captain?
With what? My mother she's alive?................…..(you add on)


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