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Celebration commence

Posted on Fri Apr 2nd, 2021 @ 3:06pm by Lieutenant JG Steven Wright & Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti & Lieutenant JG Steven McCloud & Lieutenant JG Djon Zyngh
Edited on on Mon Apr 12th, 2021 @ 1:37am

Mission: Truth and Consequences
Location: Promenade/ holodecks
Timeline: Current


With all the admiral discussions finished between the command structure of the Chuck Norris out of the way the celebration logistics were able to be finished. The promenade turned into a klingon drinking chamber as the first part of this turned out to be a drinking celebration. All people participating within this would need to drink klingon bloodwine for 24 hours straight before battling each other in a competition rite of passage. It was known that afterward would come the final passing of a pain stick trial to show their heart in the words they speak, the endurance within their bodies, and there devotion through their spirit. It was known that these celebrations would last for 3 days at the shortest, with platters of food between and no true rest periods between each part of this.

500 Klingons in all came to the station, and it was not just Kronnelti and G'ginloss that was to participate in these. Roughly 100 of the klingons that gathered were fully taking part in these three events. The others were there to commence and direct the events, although most all of the klingons present would be participating in one way or another wether it be for pride, status, or to challenge the young and old alike. It would turn out to be a remembered event for all time.

Security however was extended to the max, and may not last the entire event, yet who knew. With 500 klingons on board, and their warships nearby, who would dare to mess with the station during the next few days.

It was a matter of hours now, for the celebrations to begin.

[Outside USS Chuck Norris]

Feeling great Kronnelti had to go find Commander G'ginloss, being excited as he is knowing the celebrations are going to happen soon Awal finally found the commander.

Sir Awal puts his hand on G'ginloss's shoulder I'm going to challenge you to hand to hand combat during the celebrations and I'll win Kronnelti laughed, come brother lets have fun see the family and drink! by the way how many Klingons have arrived anyway for this celebration? Awal asked

Steven McCloud wandered around the habitat decks of Starbase 10 in complete awe. Never in his life had he seen so many Klingons all in one place. “Qo’noS must be empty...” he sniggered to himself. He bowed his head as he passed the proud warriors, careful not to make full eye contact with any of them. The whole area smelled of Gagh and blood wine, causing Steven’s stomach to start doing somersaults.

Eventually, after passing through the sea of Klingon uniforms, Steven saw two Klingons in Starfleet uniforms up ahead. “Are you from the Chuck Norris?” the man asked as he tentatively approached them..

G’ginloss and Kronnelti both turned at the same time. The Commander spoke first, “Commander G’ginloss, XO. And this is Lieutenant (JG) Kronnelti, Assistant Chief Security & Tactical. How can we be of assistance?”

Steven nodded confidently, “A pleasure to meet you both. I’m Lieutenant (JG) Steven McCloud... Doctor Steven McCloud. Your new Chief Medical Officer.” He smiled nervously. The two Klingons were rather hard to read.

“Welcome.” G’ginloss bowed his head. “You’re going to be a busy man before the day is out, Doctor. I hope you came prepared.”

As Kronnelti grabbed a cup of blood wine for himself and the Xo, Awal asked if the Dr. would like a drink as well? Also what do you think of the Chuck Norris Kronnelti asked the doctor

Steven turned his head slightly to see the open barrels of blood wine. Flies had started to conference above the open barrels, and the sweet sickly smell of their contents caused Steven to vomit slightly into his mouth. He waved a hand as he swallowed hard, “No thank you, I’m really trying to cut down on my blood wine intake.” Kronnelti was about to ask the Doctor if he wanted a nice big bowl of Gagh, but Steven quickly continued to speak, “... and I’m also good for Gagh, thank you!”

Steven smiled sheepishly as the two Klingons stared at him. “The Chuck Norris is a fine ship.” He managed to speak after a few awkward moments of silence. “I could have done with having a bit more room in sickbay, but I’ll certainly work with what I’ve got quite happily.”

Kronnelti turned back towards the Xo and says "well I'll give him that he can hold his own with the fine odors" Awal then laiughed a little. I like him already says Awal expressing to the Xo he'll make a fine Dr on the Chuck Norris, now shall we enjoy this Gagh he says.

"It seems so, however it appears it is not to his liking. However it takes a strong will to be this close and yet not loose his stomach at this glorious smell. Shortly after this Doctor McCloud, I believe I am due for my yearly psychology examination, as per starfleet regulations. However we shall see wether or not you have to fix me up after all this." Added the commander into the conversation. "Although, family calls first this time."

Having finished up synching databases between the Norris and Starbase 10, and acquiring the latest communications flotsam to sift through, Steven Wright made his way down to the Promenade. He had a Holodeck program he'd been working on that he thought some of the Klingons here ought to quite enjoy. Finding a bartender, he ordered a bloodwine, and asked if he could perhaps pay for his drinks over the next few days by providing the Klingons with an entertainment program, that he'd of course leave a copy of for the bartender, once he'd spent the festival tweaking it. The bartender said he'd think about it, so Wright slid him a data chip, and made his way to a balcony where he could watch, where he sipped his bloodwine while perusing open channels from all the Klingon warships outside.

"Hahaha ha Kronnelti, we shall see how much effort you put in to besting me." The Xo then slaps him good on the back as a war growl could be heard in the promenade. As it continued it was recognized that the celebrations were about to officially begin.

"IT IS HIGH TIME TO GET THIS CELEBRATION STARTED." Trigon Hightower G'odoss said as he and two others climbed the stands built specifically for these following days.

"For those of you that do not know, primarily those of young stock and those of this station, to my right is Altair Lucian G'ginloss, head of the clan. To my left is Laimos Quinton Kronnelti, head of his clan, and I am Trigon Hightower G'odoss, head of my clan. We have come here to administer the final warrior tests to our grandsons, to be witnessed by family, friends, and clan. They have done our families proud, by surviving many battles, and gaining prestige upon gaining rank among our federation allies." Taking a breath he looked over the crowd, picked up a stein, filled it to the brim with bloodwine and raised it to the air.

"However this wouldn't be a true test if it did not include the members of our clans that were ready to begin the trials of the warrior, 100 of our combined clans young, to take part, watch and learn what it means to be a honored warrior. I want each of you to come up, with full cups, as with this toast we begin."

Through to crowd, the three klingon warriors of the Chuck Norris made there way to the stage to stand by their families head with their own full steins of bloodwine. When they arrived the clan heads began speaking of the deeds each warrior has attained, both within the federation, and before. Afterwords they broke out into a song about their valor and deeds while celebrating the honor they have shown kahless.

As Awal Kronnelti looks around at the hundreds of Klingons he's never been this excited, He looks to his left lifts his stein and nods at G'ginloss then to his right and does the same for G'odoss. Something over comes him and he gives out a warriors yell as loud as he can, then G'ginloss & G'odoss do the same the sound became so loud that every Klingon joined in, everybody stopped and was both in shock and awe at what was happening. Suddenly the sound stopped just like that!

Standing out like crowd within a crowd the Reptoids:
Oyfhgear Vaydhpaxs, Phtreaj Leyghwqis, Ntoa ea Selekane,
Zynned Elock Myra, and K'haonte Eayho Raha of the ABathu Battle Cruiser, "Sabole Ehza Ttoka", and Their Extended Family from the USS Chuck Norris, NCC-4005, Djon Jhytangry Zyngh,
and Che Herrera Squeazal, watch the Festival, from the promenade above.

"Djon, are you sure that Lt. Awal Kronnelti is shuffling reality with full deck?" Zynned asks Djon and Squeazal bluntly.

Squeazal answer first drawing on his over 200 Terran Years of life Experience, sighs, "The Rommies played ruff with His Stack, for sure that is, but we all have a few Jokers and "Wild Cards", to deal with." Finishing with, " We'll just have to see how he plays with Hands Fate Deals, Him." he finishes matter a fact saying, as he looks up at the others as he holds on to promennod's rail supports with upper four paws.

Djon, more or less concurs with Squeazal, "Yep, The Med. Team Cleared him for duty but...Klingons can hold the their cards too close to there vest, to know how well they really are Dealing with Things like what he went through ...PSTD, can "bust" even the most adroitly handled shuffle, leaving cards flying everwhere." he says Concernedly, Looking briefly at the others before looking down at the Festivities, again.

Ntoa, chuckles, "Boy did you guys take that metaphor and Awal for a ride."

"Yep! That was played to the hilt." K'haonte, chuckles with rest of them. "What say we get down there and join the fun before they drink all the Blood Wine, and suck all Gagh."

They All look at each with a why not expression on their faces and a collective shoulder shrug.

"Last one there is a "mokotla oa likhomo tse tukang"., says Squeazal, with a shrilly laughing voice, as he bolts off towards a lift on all of his six arms and paws. His tail flying behind him, as other try and catch up.

The Crew of
USS Chuck Norris


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