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**GENESIS** Truth and Consequences

Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 2:05am by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Truth and Consequences
Location: Starbase 10, U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: As promised you guys, a new mission is getting underway. When you ask? Right now!

ON: (Starbase 10, Captain Winter's Quarters)

The gentle sound of soft music played through the room. The windows to the quarters changed from a blackout colour, back to their normal transparent aluminum. The lights slowly lifted, in tune with the music as they grew brighter. Aurther's uniform was placed neatly on top of his dresser. Right on cue as the music and lights hit their highest tones, the music stopped, the room was fully lit.

=/\= Good Morning Captain, the time is 0600 hours. Would you like your breakfast prepared for you? =/\= The Computer asked.

This was how Aurther enjoyed waking up, when he wasn't on the Chuck Norris. In this far more spacious accommodations and more hospitalities. Rolling out of bed, having the option to have his breakfast made for him, or even just have the ingredients replicated and make it himself. A work out, some light reading and off to start his day. He wished that this is how he was starting his day. Instead, he had been awake since 0330, unable to sleep and sitting at his desk in his undergarments. These normal routines to his day now only served to highlight that he had been awake for hours, pouring through previous logs, mission data and reports. Admiral Yoshimeyer was kind of enough to give him a little extra time to prepare for the day ahead. He had not had a performance review in a long while. Let alone now, as the Commanding Officer of the Chuck Norris, and by a tribunal of his peers.

"No thank you Computer." Aurther eventually replied back to the computer, before his stomach rumbled and made his rethink his answer. Although he was sure it was his nerves, his body definitely needed sustenance. "On second thought, please make Winters breakfast 7."
The replicator in his room only took a few seconds to make his food. A cup of hot chocolate, to calm his nerves, and a "breakfast burrito" to fight his hunger. A few bites send a small wave of nirvana through the man. There was something about the flavour of the eggs, Canadian bacon and maple syrup mixed with the wide assortment of vegetables that made him feel like he was home, back on earth. Within minutes, despite what his mind was telling him, his body disagreed and his meal was gone.
After heading to the bathroom to tidy himself up, trim his facial hair and make him look at presentable as he could. The last of his routine was to splash cold water into his face, to help him get focused.
The doors to his Quarters opened as Aurther finally made his way out, running a little early to for his meeting. This is the reason he took the more scenic route through the Starbase. He saw the shops opening up, the officers who were changing their shifts over, and civilians just getting out to start the day. His walk had him stop at his favorite window looking into the Starbase. It was here he just stared up at the Chuck Norris. It had been 2 days since they arrived back in dock, but the engineers were just getting to repairing some of the hull damage she had taken. At the end of the day, since the the fugitive Axelrod was "killed" in the last operation, all the damage and injuries seemed worthless to have suffered for the cause. He had one last lingering look at her before heading back on his way to meet the Admiral.
Winters did his best to stay out of the main view of most of the crew. There were some new transfers in that he had not yet met with, and a large party going on for the many promotions that his crew rightfully received for their service. He didn't want any of them to worry, or add any sort of extra stress. It was their day to celebrate, and they should.

(Starbase 10 - General Room 25)

Aurther sat alone at the table reviewing over his notes, like he was some raw cadet trying desperately to cram until the last minute before an exam. Finally the doors opened and in walked 3 Officers. Admiral Yoshimeyer, Admiral T'prin and a familiar face that made his heart stop for a moment, Captain Shane Youngblood, the former Captain of the Chuck Norris. Well, well before Captain McCormick. He had served under Captain Youngblood many years ago before being transferred off. He was unsure how to feel about his presence, as he was unable to tell if it was a good thing, or a bad one. Almost immediately he rose to his feet and waited for the other 3 officers to be seated. Once they did, Aurther followed suit.

"Computer begin recording. This is a formal tribunal to evaluate the current Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Chuck Norris, NCC-4005, on Stardate 60242.0." Yoshimeyer announced. "Please for the record, state your name position, rank and serial number."

"Aurther Alan Winters, Captain, Commanding Officer of the Chuck Norris, Serial Number SC-252-013." Aurther replied, and within a moment the computer acknowledged the conversation with a small beep.

"Captain..." The Vulcan than spoke up, "Do you know why this tribunal has been convened?"

"I will assume that it has to do with my performance since I have taken command of the Chuck Norris."

"It's more than just that Captain, it has to do with your crew as well." T'prin picked up a PADD, "We have received some reports, most of these coming from the former Chief Medical Officer that many of the crew are unfit for duty, and she alleges that you, yourself, are compromised and should be relieved of command immediately." her words seemingly rang through the room.

"That is..."Winters trailed off a bit.

"Unexpected?" Captain Youngblood chimed in.

"Ridiculous. And I find those charges to be unfounded. Lt. Tyjuuc has never brought any of these concerns to me." Winters defended himself.

"There would be probably be a reason for that Captain. The Chief Medical Officer would only address this issue if they felt it was necessary at the time. However, from the report that was filed just regarding just yourself. I would say she has been very thorough." The Vulcan Admiral concluded. It was probably just in Aurther's mind, but being a Vulcan and speaking on the thoroughness of another Vulcan, she seemed like she was relishing the facts.

"This is the reason that this Tribunal Captain..." Yoshimeyer finally spoke up, as he leaned on the table, "To go over the facts, the details, and have a medical evaluation over the next few days. If everything is in order, then this will just be report on your record."

"And if everything isn't in order?" Winters questioned.

"Then Captain... we will have no choice but to relieve you of command." Yoshimeyer bluntly said.

Seemingly annoyed at this blindside Winters had one last question, "Is there anything else?"

"Just one more thing you should be aware of." T'prin stood up, signaling all others to stand up, "Lieutenant John Wyatt, he has been taken into custody. Under his own will. Multiple reports, including yourself have stated that he pulled a weapon on a superior officer, yourself, and we can't allow that kind of actions from any officer." Winters was now speechless. "We will reconvene in 6 hours for the first part. Dismissed."

Aurther now stood alone, in a room that seemed to be getting smaller around him. Much like his world, his confidence has just been shaken to his core. It was time for him to face himself and wasn't sure if he would like what he saw.

OFF: There we go, the new mission is on! Winters is off to fight for his career, Wyatt has been arrested, and there is still a party and promotions also family times going on. Let's see what we can make of this, I can't wait to see.

Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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