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The Eagle Has Landed

Posted on Fri Mar 26th, 2021 @ 7:20pm by Lieutenant JG Steven McCloud

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Current

- Starbase 10 -

McCloud stepped off the turbolift just in time to see the main docking doors open, and watch as the first few Chuck Norris personnel departed onto the Starbase. Steven moved through the middle of them, and made his way onto the ship.

McCloud smiled as he reached the belly of the Chuck Norris. He inhaled deeply. Sweat, burned conduit, rubber and stale air. The smell of a hard working starship.

“Ensign,” he placed a hand on a passing Ensign’s shoulder, “Captain Winters; where would I find him at this time?”

The Ensign looked at the hand on his shoulder, before eyeing the pips on McCloud’s collar. “Well sir,” he manoeuvred himself away from McCloud’s hand, “You’ll find the CO in his ready room currently. But I do believe he has an appointment with Admiral Yoshimeyer to keep at some point.”

Steven nodded, “Very well Ensign, carry on.”

The Doctor made his way to the bridge of the Chuck Norris and looked around at the semi-deserted command centre. He could see that there was no specified console for medical to work from, but he would always try to spend time on the bridge as often as he could.

He already knew that sickbay was tiny compared to anything he had worked with previously. Only three biobeds and not much else. But at least he knew what he was letting himself in for on that front.

Crossing over towards the ready room, he took a deep breath. This was always an anxiety inducing moment for him. Meeting any CO for the first time was daunting. But just as he was about to press the door-chime, Winters rushed out of his office, a pained look on his face.

Dr (Lt JG) Steven McCloud
Chief Medical Officer


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