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I'm just a Hunka Hunka burning love

Posted on Sun Feb 14th, 2021 @ 10:15pm by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Uss Chuck Norris
Timeline: Kelvin (15 years ago)

"Attention to anyone who may receive this message. We have been ambushed. I do not think any of us will make it alive. Outside of Liuenatant Justin Leo. Who has successfully escaped per my orders." Winters began through recording. "It has been an honor to serve Starfle-" Winters said before the ship's fate interrupted.

The ship was gone. Wyatt, Pibb, Winters, and even G'gingloss were gone. Lost to battle. Leo knew that this was the end. Although quitting wasn't something he could consider. Sure he lost his father figure. Who in turn saw him as a son.

All he knew was he needed to find Starfleet. Anyone and everyone. To his luck, he discovered a small California class ship. Or at least it looked like one.

"Sir Sensors are picking up a single shuttle cruiser," a voice said inside the phantom ship. "This far out? Any life signs?" another voice asked. "Yes captain one but very faint. They may need our help" the same voice said. "Very well Davidson Lock tractor beams onto the cruiser." The captain ordered. "Yes sir" Davidson replied. As she activated the beam.

Leo was sound asleep when the beam grasped his shuttle. Within moments he was unknowingly in the ship's cargo hold.
About an hour later he woke up to no longer view the abyss of space. Instead, he saw the familiar hull of metal and wire.

It was confused as to why he was laying in a biobed. However, he decided not to push it.

"Ah good your awake. " He heard a vague voice say. "Where am I?" He asked. "You are aboard the Uss Elon Musk. The captain said. "I'm Captain Emma McCormick and this is my ship" "Well Thank you, sir," Leo said. "Not a problem at all. Say I notice you're a Lieutenant ?" McCormick asked. "Yeah well I mean I would have a Lieutenant commander by now. Had I not just lost my captain.

"You lost your captain?" McCormick asked. "I lost the entire crew. I'm the only survivor of the battle on Talos Iv"

"Talos Iv? can't say I've heard of it," McCormick stated Probably for the best. It's a shady place."

"My captain ordered me to escape. That's what apparently led me here"

"Well, Liuenatant Let me contact Starfleet. See what they recommend. Till then Your welcome to temporarily join my crew.

==6 months later==

Leo had been here for 6 months. In this time he had fallen in love. That said McCormick had as well. They were both fast in love but neither of them knew how to express it.

The love they were beginning to have. Was torn apart when Starfleet gave Leo his orders. He was to continue Arthur Winters's original mission. Under his name. He was to helm a fake ship until the mission ended.

A year later he found McCormick again. At this point, he knew she was the one. Within months they were married.
2 years after the date Mccormick had retired from Starfleet to raise their new daughter Cynthia Leo.

Leo had begun to get into the mindset of Winters. He had begun to Understand the purpose of this mission. That is Until somehow John Wyatt returned.



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