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Are You Sure About This!?!

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 5:25pm by Ensign Djon Zyngh CSO, & Captain Aurther Winters & Ensign Awal Kronnelti
Edited on on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 6:02am

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Hiobos V, in the Iulara Star System, Alpha Team Staging Area
Timeline: Current

ON: (Hiobos V, in the Iulara Star System)

Assit. CSO, Djon Jhytangry Zyngh & Cadet Che Herrera Squeazal, began their contribution to this "Exercise", by helping unload and assemble the Mobile-EMP-Charge- Launcher .

"Should Me checkout the Arroyo, since me look indigenous?", Squeazal asks as they Put on the finishing touches.

"Squeere, old man you'd better ask the Capt. about that."Djon, replies as he checkouts the completed Mobile EMP Charge Launcher (M-EMP-CL).

"You right as always, DJ." Squeazal says politely, as he scampers-off, to find the Capt.

Having setup the M-EMP-CL Djon shoulders his side arm; "Swing-Harness" and and backpack holding Squeazal's 'Noise Makers' he goes looking for Ensign Awal Kronnelti.

Winters exited the shuttle swinging his rifle over his shoulder. His feet were working on autopilot as he checked over his rifle. Reviewing the systems, power level and opening the power cell compartment, he was satisfied with how it looked. A quick review of his wrist scanner also verified it's functionality. A quick scan of the landing zone was greeted by the sight of the rest of the team following in suit. He saw Ensign Djon heading over to him, with a large launcher slung over his shoulder.

"The primary findings of this planet that I found would have a species like Cadet Squeazal are indigenous to this planet. If I might suggest that we send him out first to scout. If he is spotted, then it would arouse less suspicion."

Aurther thought for a moment, "Alright, that seems reasonable."

"Just one more thing." Djon walked over to a small crate and pulled out some clothing. He tossed one to the cadet, and one to Winters. "This will help us blend in as well."
Cadet Squeazal, scampers off, toward the other Landing team, doing his best to look like he's just out forging for food and "water", encase he is "spotted" by the Romulans.

He stealthily skirts the Arroyo where the Cloaked Romulan Ship is hiding.
Stopping to sit on a rock near the dried out river bed he picks at an ant mound glancing up occasionally in the direction of the Romulan Ship.
"It still there." he muses to himself quietly, as he notices the irregular way the sand moves as it blows through where the Ship is. Before circumlocusly continuing in the direction of Bravo Team Squeere, rips-off a piece of a cactus like succulent, to take with him. Gnawing on it casually as he scampers-off.
Location: back at Alpha Teams Staging Site:

" Have you seen, Security Officer, Ensign Awal Kronnelti?" Djon asks the Capt., gingerly putting down the M-EMP-CL; then his backpack.
" I was wondering if the Ensign would join us in the "Pirate Charge"." Djon continues, as he lays out the rustic looking "Swing Harness" he made for Squeazal.
"If that is alright with you, Sir. " finishing with, "I thought adding a "Rabid-Looking" Klingon with a Disrupter Rifle blazing would help the "presentation" look more authentic and intimidating, sir.", he asks, as he takes six 'old school "Berry-Pistols" out of his backpack.

Security officer Kronnelti heard about what's bound to happen and proceeds to the Capt. "Sir it will be an honor to join you on this mission" while holding his Bat'leth. "What would you like me to do sir?"

"Well Awal, Djon here has got this "hair-brained" idea." Capt. Winters says to Security officer Kronnelti, pointing toward a 7' 9", 298 Lb Reptiloid in heavy arcane battle armour. Who is at present checking six ancient flare guns.
" Basically, Myself on one side of him and you the other with him in Middle." the Capt. adds, as Ensign, Djon Jhytangry Zyngh stands up and nods his head in their direction. "I'll let him fill you in on the details."

"Mr. Kronnelti." Djon, says extending his right hand.

Kronnelti extends his hand in return to shake hands nice to meet you, have to say this will be my first real mission says Awal in a calm manner. So what are we dealing with here?

"Well when the Capt." Djon Nods in the Capt. direction, "Gives the order, I'll Fire an Electro-Magnetic-Pulse Charge, from this Launcher." He says as points to the large strange weapon next to his backpack.
"It will Explode over the Cloaked Landed Romulan Ship frying it's Cloaking shield, leaving it... visible." He adds as he picks up a odd looking leather harness.
"Then Alpha Team lead by Us attack the Ship from the Front while Bravo goes in from the Rear." Djon, narrates "While Alpha Team hopefully distracts the confused, Romulans with us going in like we want them for lunch. Bravo, extracts the Illusive, Mr. Axelrod. Any questions ...?"

As Kronnelti hears the words "attack " his hands get a little fidgety, "No sir no questions needed. I will say this...let this be a quick and successful mission."

"Well gentlemen..." Winters check the readout on his wrist and started to walk in the direction of the cloaked ship. "Enjoy the peace now, because in a few minutes things are gong to get loud."


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer


Ensign Djon Zyngh


Ensign Awal Kronnelti
Security Officer

U.S.S. Chuck Norris
"Squeazal, isn't back yet, Sir, but Awal and I are ready." Djon Says as he Shoulders the Mobile EMP Charge Launcher.

Powering it up and aiming it in the direction of the Cloaked Romulan Ship in The Arroyo near by.

"Sir, do you want me to comm. Squeazal to stay with Bravo Team and go in with them?" Asks Djon, as sets the Launcher for range and altitude of Charge Detonation.

As Djon asks the Capt, Kronnelti ready's his Bat'Leth and starts a warriors battle chant to himself while staring directly at the Cloaked Romulan Ship


Squeazal finally makes his way back to Alpha Team, after checking in with Bravo. Who are still moving into position, in a timely manner.

Squeazal reports this and the fact that Romulans seem to have no idea that either Team is there on the planet, to the Capt.


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