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My Stick

Posted on Mon Nov 23rd, 2020 @ 6:52am by Lieutenant Commander Balen Pibb & Chief Petty Officer Mark Ryoko

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Holodeck 1 Starbase 10
Timeline: A little R&R


(A little down time)

=Holodeck one, Starbase 10=

As Chief Ryoko made his way into the Holodeck he found Pibb dressed in a rather odd get-up.

"Balen. What on Kaminar are you wearing?"

"This?" He pointed out. "Why these are Jedi robes. They signify that of a Jedi Master." He sarcastically replied.

" Now, this you may find interesting," as Pibb ignited a Blue Lightsaber. "Slick huh? Knock you in your head with my stick
With my stick. You gon' have a mark from my stick. From my stick." As, Pibb went for a strike.

Ryoko dodged with ease.

"My stick, my stick
My stick is better than bacon...
You can't touch my stick!"

The Chief laughed, "I don't wanna!" As he found a similar hilt and fired off a green plama blade. "Balen this is just silly lazer sword."

Yeah, you found a stick! You know these are cool. The question is...can you use it?" As Pibb went to the ready and sneered a sinister look.

Ryoko brought the sword to the ready. "I am proficient with this stick."

"Then on guard! Ha!!" As, they exchanged glances.

"Thunk your coconut with my stick. Look at my stick" Ryoko replied.
"Mm-hmm, You gon' feel the wrath of my stick. Fear my stick!" Pibb said, as they parried each others exchange once again.

As then the doors opened and a waitress walked in "can I bring you anything else?" Balen didn't note her until he found himself face to face with her after he tumbled nearly knocking her over.

"Why, hello there?" As, he was a surprised as she was. "My stick is better than bacon," he said calmly, as he showed her the lazer sword.

"Of course sir," she gasped. Pibb noticed a hint of excitement from her. It's good to be the Betazoid he thought. And, with a peck on her cheek. He lunged for Ryoko. "Ha!" As, he missed by an inch. Kelpien's were indeed very keen in combat.

"And, as expected Balen. You sacrificed sure footing for a kill shot." He then sweeped Balens foot out from under him. "Ha!, I win. This was very entertaining Balen."

As he began to walk out with a satisfied grin, Balen and the waitress now on the floor together.

"Oh, Chief?"

"Yes, Balen?" Ryoko replied sarcastically.

"My stick. is. Still better than bacon."


Lt. Balen Pibb


Chief Ryoko
Chief Investigator


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