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*Genesis*- Not Where I Belong

Posted on Tue Nov 24th, 2020 @ 5:58am by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: U.S.S. Wayne, Starbase 10
Timeline: Current

OFF: I said we would get a new mission! So here...we...go...

ON: (U.S.S. Wayne, Steamrunner Class - Edge of the Neutral Zone)

"I don't see what on earth pulled you back into Starfleet Captain Jenkins." Commander Gustof had been meaning to ask the Captain this question since he took command almost a month ago. The Captain looked up from his chair and gave his first officer a sort of half smile before his head slowly rested back down and he continued to read the report he had in front of him. There were multiple reports of a Romulan ship attacking both colonies and supply lines. The last such attack was on the U.S.S. Merkava, a small saber class ship that was able to get away just in the nick of time. It had suffered some damage, and a few light casualties. "Raiders, it has to be raiders.", Jenkins thought to himself. Taking a moment of pause he looked back up at his first officer. He had tuned him out slightly as the man was no to ramble and spin a yarn or two.

"I had a run in with an old shipmate of mine, who was injured. We had a conversation and I realized that even though I retired a few years ago, the state that Starfleet is in now, I offered my services as Captain, and they accepted. I'm not sure if you were looking for a more interesting story Commander, but that's all I have for you now."

The man nodded his head, "With all the loses we have taken over the last half a decade, I am not surprised. I know there has been quite the increase with ship productions, but finding sortable Captains to take over is getting a littler harder."

"I can feel your anxiousness Commander, I don't want you to feel like I took this command from you." Jenkins stood up and walked over to Gustof, "You have a long career ahead of you. Enjoy the slightly less responsibility right now."

"Aye sir, toning it down a little." He smiled as Jenkins started to make his way off the bridge.

"Now, I will be in my quarters if anyone needs me." Just as Jenkins was about the enter the turbolift, his tactical officer went for his attention.

"Sir, picking up unusual readings."

"Origin?" Jenkins stepped back on the bridge and walked to his tactical officer.

"It's, well I dare say, it looks like it could be cloaked ship. Bearing 122 mark 211."

"Set a course in to intercept."

After a short trip at full impulse the Wayne ended up at the last location of the strange readings.

"What's out there?"

"Scans are not longer detecting that anomaly sir, but it looks like it is detecting debris of some kind, and possibly escape pods." The tactical officer stated.

Jenkins let out a small grunt as he thought, "Take us in Commander, and we should be cautious in the matter."

"Aye sir, helm, bring us into transporter range of the debris. Look for escape pods or any record buoy. Yellow alert." Gustof commanded.

"Entering range now. I have a few escape pods on sensors with life signs."

"Transport them to shuttle bay 2. Alert medical that we may have injured incoming." Jenkins looked at the sensor scan to see 3 escape pods.

"Medical has been alerted, security as well." Gustof added.

"Continue to search for any other survivors, or records or debris that could tell is who or what ship this was."

"Sir!" Gustof exclaimed loudly, "I'm picking up antimatter warheads. Out in the debris and..."

=/\= Shuttle bay 2 to bridge, we got a pro... =/\= The transmission was cut off as the ship shuttered and wrenched for a series of violent explosion, the entire bridge crew was tossed from their chairs like ragdolls. The bridge was surrounded in darkness for a brief moment before the red emergency lighting activated.

"Damage report! What happened?" Jenkins yelled out, seeing Gustof getting himself back to his feet he slumped into his chair and began to try and make sense of what just happened.

"Sir the anomaly is back! It is now heading our direction, 023 mark 041, intercept in one minute." The tactical officer yelled back in a panic as a panel behind him sparked and started to smoke.

"Sir, it looked like, those escape pods, must have had antimatter warheads in them, shuttle bay 2 is... is... it's gone. We have hull breaches, deck 7-14, sections 21 through 35." He paused, "We're venting atmosphere."

"Show me..." Jenkins stood up and looked at the main view screen. A flash brought the back of the ship into view. There was now a giant hole where the hull of the ship once was. Debris and cargo could be seen floating away. The ship shuddered again as more sections of the ship suffered explosion decompression, and what looked like bodies were being jettison from the ship.

"Get a transporter lock on any signal that's outside the ship, beam them directly to sickbay. Get damage control teams down there now! We could lose the whole damn ship. Tactical, status?"

The young man couldn't stop staring at the view screen, the sight he saw, and his own imagination was enough to almost break the man. Almost, as Jenkins yell brought him back into focus.

"Lieutenant Dion! Report!"

"Sorry sir, shields are offline, weapons are offline. Power levels are at 45% and dropping."

"Multiple casualties being reported, all decks."

"Sir that ship has uncloaked... it's a Romulan ship, class.. unknown. Weapons are charged and targeted on us!"

Jenkins took a brief moment to weigh all his options. He had been in situations like this before, but as he looked around his ship and his bridge, he knew this would be the last. He never even responded to his tactical officer before broadcasting ship wide. "All hands, this is the Captain, abandon ship, I repeat abandon ship."

"Sir!" Gustof ran to the man, now slightly shaky on his feet.

"You heard me Commander, get them to safety. I may not have weapons but I will use the ship as best I can. Get the sensors and logs back to Starfleet." The Commander opened his mouth to speak, but was immediately cut off, "Get out of here now! There's not time for rational decisions, this has been a trap, and I fell for it.". Gustof nodded, and put his hand on the Jenkins shoulder before running with the rest of the bridge crew to the turbolift.
Jenkins sat down at the helm, his hands wondered over the controls before moving the ship in an angel to put the Wayne in between the incoming Romulan ship and the escaping crew. Green weapons fire pierced through the darkness of space as the Wayne was struck repeatedly with disruptor fire, and torpedoes. Throughout the ship explosions raged through the now empty hallways and corridors. Personal belongings and treasured items fell to the ground, breaking, smashing and some never to be seen again. Jenkins saw the last shuttle warp away just as the main power failed on the ship. The bridge went dark, and all he could hear was his own breathing. He stood up from the conn and took a seat back in the command chair, and there is where he waited. He had lived a long life, and now it seemed that it all come to a stop as he waited for whatever his fate was about to be.
In a blink of an eye he know realized he would meet the same fate as some of his crew. The front of bridge disappeared in a green glow and he felt his body being hurled out into the stars.
His body felt so light, his head started to spin and again his mind raced, to his family and friends. A slight sorrow for those he could not save, but relief for those who did. Then, there was nothing.
The Romulan ship left the area of the ambush, heading to warp but firing off one last plasma torpedo, striking the Wayne and she was engulfed in a fiery explosion.

(2 Days Later)

"She is looking better than ever. I must command the Starbase engineers on their work." Winters smiled as he leaned on the window inside Starbase 10, staring up at the Chuck Norris.

"Was able to get her all fixed in up 3 days, instead of 4. A new personal best I may had for my teams." Lt. Commander G'ginloss seemed to take much delight in his good work.

"You have done it again, and I put unreal expectations on you, and somehow, someway you always come through." Aurther stated in just amazement. "I would say you would be after my job if I was still down there."

"Luckily you don't have to worry about it, I'm not after your job..." G'ginloss paused, "Yet." he let out a guttural Klingon laugh.

"Well, not my job, but there is a job however I do need filled." Aurther stood up and faced the man. G'ginloss sensing a matter of importance snapped to attention.

"What is it sir?" the Klingon asked.

"I need an Executive Officer. The Chuck Norris hasn't had one since I was promoted, and I can't see any other officer on this ship that would be more deserving of this role then you. You have proven yourself time and time again. The crew looks up to you, and I see many great attributes in you. Do you accept?"

G'ginloss didn't even take more than a second to respond. "Sir! It would be my honor to serve you, and this fine crew in that capacity. I accept." Aurther smiled as the two man shook hands.

"Well, now my job just became a lot easier." Winters laughed.

=/\= Attention all hands, all command officers of all Starfleet ships report to Starbase Ops immediately. =/\=

Winters looked up at the announcement and then back to his new first officer. "Come on Commander, let's see what this is all about." The two started to make their way towards the Ops.

"What do you think this is about Captain?"

Winters thought for a moment, and realized that this would be a great teaching lesson for his new First Officer, "What do think this is about?"

The young Klingon thought for a brief moment as the two continued on their way to the Ops. "Salvage Operation, maybe?"

"I would think that too, but they seem to be asking for every Federation ship docked, seems like a little overkill. This to me smells like a search a rescue operation."

"We will see." Ech'am asserted just as the two entered Ops. There were already several other Command teams there, conversing and chatting about the same questions and thoughts the two of them were already asking. Eventually everyone took a seat and waited. The lights darkened and Admiral Yoshimeyer came to the podium.

"Thank you all for coming so quickly, I wish this was under better circumstances but I will get right to the point. The U.S.S. Wayne was attacked 2 days ago from an unknown Romulan ship." As the Admiral finished his sentence, the display screen popped up and the last recorded visual of the Romulan ship appeared. Most the the crews now audibly chattered, however Winters shifted in his chair slightly. "The ship was lost, with 68 Starfleet crewman including Captain Jenkins. Now we have been in contact with the Romulan government, and they have disavowed these attacks and claim that this ship does not belong to them, and is acting in their own capacity as pirates. This ship has also been linked to attacks on Federation supply lines as well as outposts. The destruction of the Wayne is the last straw, and this ship has become an intolerable threat to the Federation and action must be taken. Therefore we are creating a rapid response task force to deal with this. The U.S.S. Avalanche, Edmonton, and Stargazer will take sectors 32 to 38. The Majestic and and Reliant will take sectors 39-44, and finally the Chuck Norris and the Xander will take sectors 45 - 51. You are to render assistance when needed, assist with any ships that may be in distress and stop and Capture this renegade ship. These are your orders, return to your ship, more detailed information is being transferred to them now. As soon as you have resupplied you are to depart ASAP. We need to deal with this threat before there is anymore lose of life." He paused and looked around the room at the silent and sober stares that looked back at him. "Dismissed".

The crews now stood up and quickly made their way back to their ships. Aurther didn't move and just continued to study the image of the Romulan ship. G'ginloss looked over at his Captain, he could see his eyes fixed, and it appeared that his mind was racing. "What is it Captain?"

Aurther stayed silent for a moment, "I've seen that ship."

"You mean that class of ship?"

"No..." Winters stood up and started to make his way back to the Chuck Norris, "I have seen that exact ship. Get the Chuck Norris ready to depart."

"Yes sir, as soon as we can."

"No." Aurther barked, taking G'ginloss back as his voiced with frustration and anger. "You get everyone back to the ship, I want us out first. Then assemble the senior staff, and tell Lieutenant Wyatt to report to office, I need some questions answered."

OFF: There we go, we got to find this Romulan raider, and it's urgent. Let's see what you all have and lets have fun!

Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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