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Jack's checkup

Posted on Thu Dec 3rd, 2020 @ 12:01pm by Lieutenant Tyjuuc & Ensign Jack Keegan

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Sickbay


Tyjuuc sat at her desk that was directly next to the entrance of the medical bay. It wasn't a busy day nor a slow a day nothing her department couldn't handle she just directed them. Until someone new entered.

Ensign Keegan walked through the doors and into sickbay. As he looked around, he noticed that it was a decent amount smaller than the time he served on the Enterprise E in his academy days, and definitely smaller than the one at the academy. Then again, that was to be expected since the Norris was a Defiant class.

Tyjuuc was focused on her computer but she knew what was happening in sickbay but not looking up. "May I assist?" She asked sitting at her desk wearing her light pink lab coat.

"Yes, I am Ensign Jack Keenan reporting for my annual medical checkup", replied the Ensign.

"Pick a biobed." She commanded.

He noticed one in the corner of the room, and sat down on the biobed.

A few moments later Tyjuuc came over wearing her light pink lab coat and a medical tricorder. "Shall we begin?" She asked.

The Ensign nodded. As checkups were protocol before missions, and for new officers, he knew that he'd have to get it over with, but since he was busy with repairs, he didn't get around to it until now.

Tyjuuc became to scan him the medical tricorder. "Any injuries or scar's?" She asked.

"Nothing that I know of, at least", the Ensign replied.

Tyjuuc nodded her head after scanning him she began to read the data on her device. "Your fit for duty return to your post...Unless there is something else you wish? A mental examination perhaps." She said

Jack thought for a moment. He knew that he could get the mental examination another time, but he also knew that he was busy being the Assistant Chief Engineer, and the Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer. Ensign Keegan nodded in agreement. "Lieutenant, is it possible if I could get the mental examination done as well, as I am going to be decently busy with my duties?", the Ensign asked.

Tyjuuc sighed it was hard to be the Chief Sergioun and the Acting Chief Counselor but work was work and this was not a starbase. "Very well... Sumorise your life I haven't been able to resite your profile," Tyjuuc said with a hint of annoy in her voice.

"Well, where do I start”, Jack started. “My grandmother was Vulcan, and my grandfather was part Betazoid, and part Human. My mother was part Human, and part Vulcan, with my father being part Human part Betazoid. When I was born, I got most of their Vulcan and Betazoid DNA. However, when my younger brothers were born, they were mostly Human, and we didn't get along 100%, despite myself still being part Human as well. When I joined the Academy, Montgomery Scott was my biggest inspiration for joining the Engineering division. I also joined the Flight Division as well, for a bit, just in case Engineering got boring. In my Junior year, I served on the Enterprise E for a short time. After I graduated, I didn't really serve in many places until the Norris. Though, when I was promoted, I became friends with a second year Cadet who had an interesting past, to say the least. Unfortunately, my and my siblings still don’t see eye to eye, and I haven’t talked to my family in a while, but other than that, I have been doing okay."

"Is there any reason why you have not re-connected your family?" Tyjuuc asked

"For a while I kept in contact with my parents, and I still do every once in a while, but for my brothers, the last time I talked to them was when I talked to them about joining the Academy. That kind of ended in a massive argument, and we said some things we shouldn't have. When I got into the Academy I was going to contact them, but then I got busy with life, and they did to, according to my father." Ensign Keegan replied, as there was regret in his eyes, but it was very subtle. However, he knew it wouldn't effect his ability to serve on the Chuck Norris.

"When off duty why haven't you contacted them? Or meet with them during a holiday like celebrating a birthday?" She asked. Tyjuuc just wanted her shift to end.

"I never really thought about that." He responded. Keegan pondered over why he hadn't contacted his brothers while off duty.

"You apes never do think about it," Tyjuuc muttered to herself. "Ensign Keegan your physically and mentally fit for duty." She. "Do you require more assistance?"

"That will be all, and thank you for the checkup", thanked the Ensign.

"Then begone," TYjuuc said walking away.

Lieuteant Tyjuuc
Chief Medical Officer
USS Chuck Norris
NCC - 4005


Ensign Jack Keegan
Chief Flight Control Officer & Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Chuck Norris
NCC - 4005


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