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Escorting the new ensign aboard

Posted on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 12:07am by Lieutenant J'goss Yass G'odoss & Captain Aurther Winters & Ensign Jack Keegan

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: SB 10

After Docking at Starbase 10, Lieutenant Go'doss set off to greet the young Ensign. As he arrives he sees a young man with salt and pepper hair. The hair makes him look older then he is, "Ensign Keegan I presume". He noticed he was human but noted another species in him as well, but could not put his finger on it .

"Yes, that would be me", replied the 27 year-old engineer. As the klingon approached him wondering why this officer was approaching .

"I am Lieutenant Go'doss, the chief flight officer aboard the USS Chuck Norris I have come to welcome you. My brother who is chief engineer is busy on repairs of the ship after a hard fought battle with the Romulans. I am here to escort you to the ship the captain is waiting to meet ya." He paused and saw a nice place he wanted to visit first, "But first let's have a drink "

The two walk to the bar, it was not that crowded and a table was easy to find. As they sat down Lieutenant Go'doss says "The other reason why I came to get you cause I heard you have flight experience and I was given orders to make you my assistant flight control officer as well with your duties as assistant engineer".

"Well Lieutenant, while I am no Tom Paris, I can definitely keep up with the job. Although piloting a Defiant Class starship will put those skills to the test. Although, I am curious how fast does she flies at maximum warp, as I have noticed that this ship has been refit, because some aspects look different from ta normal Defiant class.", replied the new Ensign.

"Well Ensign, she is pretty fast. I got her almost to the max on the last mission. That's one one the reason why I jumped from ensign to lieutenant so quickly. My knowledge of ships flight controls and of birds of prey. I will say I was awarded as one of the best pilot in fleet and my brother is one of the top engineers, so ensign if your work ethic is as good as your resume you might be a chief engineer or chief flight control sooner rather than later. Just not soon I need my job" the Klingon then laughs "It was refit to be different I believe because it's crew is like no other. Glad you are aboard " After finishing their drinks, the two amde their way back to the ship so Lt. Go'doss could give the new crewman a tour. they walk to the ship .He showed him everything, from Sickbay, Engineering and also flight control. It wasn't a very long tour when you factored in the size of the Chuck Norris. "Make yourself at home ensign this ship is now your family and we all welcome you aboard."

"Thank you Lieutenant. I will definitely feel at home. However I do have one more question: where are my quarters located?", James questioned.

"I personally don't know." Lt. Go'doss replied

"Can you tell me if I should be reporting to Engineer or to you on my first shift?"

"I... also, am a little unsure of this. I do know, however someone who will." Go'doss tapped him comm badge, "Captain can you meet me and the new Ensign right outside the bridge "

=/\= Quicker than you would be expecting =/\= The reply came back, almost confusing the two men.

"Considering I was just touring the ship, I would say it was good luck I came upon you two now." Winters gained their attention as he walked up from behind the two. It was obvious now that the Captain had been on the bridge. "Ensign Keegan correct?" Aurther looked at the new man who nodded his head. "Captain Aurther Winters, commanding officer of this fine vessel." The two shook hands.

"Thank you sir, I was just talking with the Lieutenant here, and I am unsure where I should be reporting for duty. Or where my quarters are."

"Your quarters will be on deck 3." He raised a PADD he had in his hand and typed a few commands into it. "You have it by yourself for now, but I wouldn't get to comfortable with that. As for your duties, I know Lt. Go'doss is very excited to have a new person to train under his wing, but for the duration of our time in space dock, I will ask you to report to Lt. Cmdr. G'ginloss in engineering. It may have been obvious from the outside but the Norris took a bit of fire and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible." With that he handed the PADD to Ensign Keegan. "Is there anything else?"

"No sir, that will be all", Ensign Keegan replied.

Lieutenant Go'doss replied "I will see you later ensign and captain I need some rest after that entrance if you need me I will be in my quarters"


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