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Posted on Fri Dec 18th, 2020 @ 12:19am by Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Promotion celebrations

Hey, Wyatt! We should go celebrate our survival at the rusty fork. I hear they have some good ale and goulash. Besides, I need to celebrate my new promotion as it is!

Wyatt was, of course, turned off by the offer. He had been on the ship for almost a year. The Klingon had never noticed it. The way Wyatt figured was to go and have fun. Take time off this mysterious Axelrod fellow.

"I'm down let's go" Wyatt declared boastfully.

"Alright, so I figure that ill be ordering some gagh and linwort, i hear they can get some of the freshest meat around, ever tried Klingon food? Oh and definitely some of that bloodwine, it definitely gets the gut moving in just the right way!"

"I tried Linwort once. Wasn't impressed. I have a Klingon brother so he was always cooking Klingon meals" Wyatt replied.

"Wyatt, you're a human, how do you have a Klingon brother? I don't see how that's possible" G'glingos pointed out.

"He was adopted into my family" Wyatt corrected.

"Ahh, I see," G'glingos replied.

"Now anyway about this bloodwine?"

"Yes, the bloodwine. Just over here. This stuff with knock you into next year. Bartender! This human has challenged me to a drinking game. Keep it coming till it runs out, or he passes out.

"Man I've never done this before. The closest thing I've ever had to this is when I picked a fight with a betazoid. Wyatt replied.

Obviously, he was stretching the truth. Wyatt went with it anyway as it appeared appealing to the klingon.

"Dont ask" Wyatt added snarkly.

Suddenly he held the glass of bloodwine. "Heres where the fun begins" Wyatt thought

Ech'am raises hos glass and swigs it down, ahh. "A good year. Bartender, keep the glasses coming. This one will have a stomach for it by the end of the night!" The klingon said boisterously. "Who would have thought I'd be an XO already. I must say, i did not expect to make it just yet. But it is well worth the effort I have put in." He then downs the next glass and picks up another, smelling the vintag

Sudenly wyatt could feel the feeling of getting drunk. Oh boy he loved it. "Why though?" Wyatt thought.

Meh what did matter wyatt was drunk and wanted more of it.

"So, how long have you been on the ship. This upcoming mission will be my third on this ship. Besides, as the new xo i should get to know somenof the other crewmates." Starting to get restless he began to move around and stretch, he just couldnt seem to be still rught now. So many things were running through his head. "Wanna fight?" He smirked at this, knowing already that Wyatt was a bit of a troublemaker since the first time when the Norris was taken to warp and the former captain beamed aboard shortly after being arrested.

"Hell yes" wyatt boasted. Dropping the glass.

The man soon hurled to the Klingon. Punching him in the side.

*the klingon took the punches and chuckled a little.* "That tickled." He said as he brought his elbow down onto Wyatt's shoulder. He then kneed him in the stomach and tossed him into the bar. Taking a stance saying bring it, he motioned for Wyatt to attack again.

"Oh its on" wyatt boasted. As he grabbed a plate from a nearby counter. And slammed it on the Klingon. "Come on Amagu you to chicken to fight"

Wyatt of course had no idea what he was saying. Amagu came from being drunk.

"No one gets away with calling me chicken to my face, you barbaric fool." Tackling Wyatt to the ground Ech'am begins to pummel Wyatt's body and gives him a good cross to the face.

Blow by blow the two went at it in the bar steadily making their way to the corridors. The full force of security showed up, and under orders of the base commander were told to break it up. Jumping on top of the klingon, they managed to wrestle him to the ground. Just as they were about to cuff him Wyatt managed to break free from the two that held him. Knocking them out he charged the officers on top of the xo.

"No one stops this fight but us!" He said as he was beyond angered by this interruption. Wyatt tackled 4 of them off giving the klingon just what he needed to get back on his feet. It didn't take them long working together to defeat the guards.


"Winters, what do you think your two mean are doing exactly? Starting a brawl in the courts, without a care in the world. Just when your chief engineer gets made your XO, and you allow this. You better have an amazing reason behind their shenanigans.

While the admiral was chewing into the captain of the Norris Winters began to think back to a conversation that he and his new xo had previously. How this person had an unreasonable bone to pick with the klingon. He even did a little investigation of his own to find the link. He hadn't had the time to reveal this to Lt. Commander G'ginloss just yet but might as well say it to the admirals face.

"Sir, this may come to you as a shock, but just because the klingons love to fight does not mean he needs your approval to celebrate the attainment of this promotion nor have your permission to conduct the ritual of anmatu. Also might I add that just because your wife left you for a klingon mate, does not mean you can badger any klingon you come across. Now if you want to keep your commission and not have this spill into the courts about your murder of your wife you will leave this station and not bother the klingons aboard this station any longer.

This caused the admiral to shut his mouth, and dismiss Cpt Winters with no further trouble.


The two fighters went back at it. The ferengi bartender started wagers for people who wanted to bet, 5 to 1 for the klingon, while the human was 10 to 1. Yells and cheers erupted through the fight, as the two pummeled the other. A left and right came from the human, while dodging and some hooks were thrown from the klingon. No one would give up, both were getting knocked to the ground. Both stood up. Finally they went to the corners of the makeshift ring as people handed them both bloodwines.

Coming back out the swung at each other, both connecting a solid blow to the cranium. Both of the fighters fell to the ground. At this time Winters came through the crowd, and of all things he started counting. Just like the old days when boxing was prevalent in earths history. Both men struggled to get to their feet, 4......5.......6.......they were almost 7.......up as the count neared 10. They staggered their feet as the now ref called out "Fight"

Circling each other, defenses solid on both men. Looking for weaknesses from the other. The first man to drop may be the loser in tonight's unscheduled battle royal. Wyatt threw a few jabs, while Ech'am tried sweeping the legs, as Wyatt rolled over them and to the side, Ech'am moved in throwing a jab and left hook. Wyatt ducked down just at the right moment as the pillar took the blow, Wyatt threw a left jab into the ribs of Ech'am, while a right kick landed into Wyatt's ribs, an audible crunch could be heard as the plaster fell apart. Wyatt began to favor that spot as Ech'am was favoring his left arm.

"You are like the Umagu, relentless and untamed Wyatt."

"I would say you are the Amagu, strong and terrifying, as a nightmare that won't end Ech'am."

"Then what do you say, lets finish this. One last exchange of blows. It ends here!" Ech'am replied.

The two men nodded at each other as they charged at one another, memories floating by as life flashed past them. Flurries of blows sounded as their bodies got hit from the other, blows landing, bones cracking. They staggered past each other, both looking strong in the finish. Wyatt was the first to fall, this time unmoving as a medic rushed in his direction. Ech'am released a warriors cry of victory as he himself fell to his knees and then the ground with a thud as he blacked out.

Medical teams rushed in to assist with bringing them to the medical bay to recover before the ship leaves for its next mission.

Lt Commander Ech'am G'ginloss
Chief Engineer
USS Chuck Norris


Lt John Wyatt
Chief intelligence officer
USS Chuck Norris


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