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Oh Captain, My Captain!

Posted on Fri Oct 23rd, 2020 @ 3:26pm by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant John Wyatt

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge)

"Captain we have a faded transmission coming in" Wyatt said as he noticed it come in.

"The Admiral?" Winters asked with some confusion as he looked at Ensign Bailey and Lt. G'ginloss.

"No sir, wait... what Admiral? No, it's from someone claiming to be David Axelrod sir." A small voice in the background followed in his head, "He is alive? He kind of disappeared".

"I used to think space was a really large playground, but it seems that everyone is just following us around, perhaps they know something we don't." Aurther let out a slight sigh of disbelief as he steadied himself and adjusted his uniform. "Put him through", one could almost hear the shrug in his voice when he gave the command. The view screen changed from the view of the planet to a familiar face.

"Hello Commander, I....uhm know were not on good terms." Axelrod tried to seem confident, but the thousand yard stare that was being returned to him stop him cold in his tracks.

"It's Captain, and if I were to drop the rank, I would say you have one hell of a nerve showing back up and even making contact with us."

"I can explain..." He tried to get out before being interrupted by Winters again.

"You tried to kill Lt. Pibb, and put several other of my officers lives in jeopardy. Ensign Wyatt was shot because of one of your friends."

Wyatt could feel the tension already filling the room. The fact that the Chuck Norris was in bad shape was not going to stop the Captain from letting out his personal frustrations on the man. He knew that Winters was a calm man, and was very reasonable, but when it came to the safety and wellbeing of his crew, the line was drawn very steadily to how long of a leash he would give people, and how many chances he would give. Usually that number was zero.

"Captain, please hear him out." Wyatt interjected before he felt it had gone to far. As the last letter left his mouth, Aurther's head snapped directly towards him and now he was on the receiving end of that ice cold Canadian stare. "Sir, he saved my life. When I left the ship, he saved me and got me back here. I know there's no excuse and he can't take back what he's done, but you have to see that saving my life is at least a step in the right direction."

"All right Axelrod, "Winters sat down in the Command chair, "Saving Lt. Wyatt's life will give you 5 minutes of my time. You have that much time to change my mind before I end up coming over there myself and bringing you back to the Federation to stand trial for what you've done."

"Well I can understand why Lt. Pibb hates me, trying to take a mans life will have an effect on how they preserve you. However I never wanted to do any of it. I was under a mind control, from a mind meld. My mind was gone. It... it would take me more than the few minutes you've given me to explain everything. I have come to offer you a warning. As well as offer my services. The battle with the Romulans is far from over. There are thousands on the surface. I want to help fight them."

Auther's eyebrow raised, "Thousands?", his tilted his head and looked over at Lt. Riley.

"My sensors are detecting life signs, Romulans, but not thousands, it looks more like hundreds." The women said. This caused Winters to to a step towards the mistrust of Axelrod.

"There may be only hundreds down there now, but there's at least another thousand on their way. I see the wreckage of the two ships that you encountered. Well, the wreckage of the one, the other looks to be caught in a decaying orbit towards the planet. But that was just the advance force. I have intelligence that there are at least 2 D'deridex warbirds heading here."

"Just like there was a thousand troops on the planet?" Winters leaned back, he had a feeling that he might be able to trust the man in this one issue, but wanted to test him, to get a full judge of his character.

"Captain... I'm not going to play these games. I know your ship is damaged, your weapons are offline, your operating on 1/4 power and you would be no match for one of those ships, let alone two. You have no reinforcements coming, you are alone. I know you don't know if you can trust me, but really in this situation you don't have much choice." Axelrod attempted to reason with Winters.

"The Norris maybe beaten and battered, but we are still in fighting form. You're sensors can see what they want to see, but I know how capable we are. They are always choices, and even if I believe you, which I'm not saying I am, what can you offer? I talked to Wyatt, you don't have enough firepower or crew to deal with what you claim is coming. What exactly do you purpose?"

"Well we need to get that VIP off the planet." Axelrod started to list before again being interrupted by Winters.

"I already launched our away team for that. They should be checking in at any point now."

"Captain... that may have been a mistake..." Axelrod closed the channel, and his ship started to make it's way towards a low orbit of the planet.

"I hope not..." Winter muttered under his breath.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant (jg) John Wyatt
Chief Intelligence Officer

U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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