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The Race is On

Posted on Tue Oct 13th, 2020 @ 6:50pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Transporter Room)

The blue shimmering glow of the transporter faded away. Lt. Wyatt took a moment to look around his surroundings before making his way out of the transporter room. He stopped for a brief moment and looked at the transporter chief. As the two of them just seemed to stare at each other for a moment, Wyatt decided it was he who should speak first.

"Sorry about earlier." Wyatt said sincerely.

"It's alright Lieutenant, I would just ask that you not make it habit." The man smiled back, accepting the apology. The two nodded and with swift pace Wyatt made his way to the first turbolift he could and took him to deck 1. Another quick walk and he entered the doors to the bridge. The lights were already dimmed as the red glow surrounded all the walls. He walked up behind Captain Winters, sitting in the command chair on its edge, looking at all the displays that surrounded him.

"Lt. Wyatt reporting back for duty." Aurther spun to look at Wyatt. The slight joy that was always on his face was gone, the man had a face that made Wyatt question whether or not he was about to be tossed in the brig or court martialed on the spot.

"What happened to that Romulan ship?" Winters questioned.

"It was taken by the same man who helped me escape. He didn't give me too much information about where he was going with it. But we did get enough information from their computer banks that it should be helpful down the road."

"And this other Romulan armada?"

"As I said before, they are also in route, trying to Capture this priority target. I would say from the details about the locations of their ships, we have a few hours head start on them, so we can't be delayed too much."

"That is the plan, although that will be easier said then done. I assume that all other Starfleet vessels are being ordered to ignore us until this exercise is over. We are weaponless, and with the systems set the way they are, they track actual damage. So if the computer determines a certain system has been disabled, it will happen here and we still have to fix it."

"That seems unnecessary." The Klingon Engineer stated.

"I agree with you Lt. G'ginloss, but apparently this will a help determine repair times and what each crew can do."

"Then we better not get hit."

"That's the plan." Lt. Collier added from the helm.

"Sir, picking up 2 ships on long range sensors. A Steamrunner class and a Saber class. U.S.S. Bernard and Massimo." Lt. Pibb announced.

"Well... looks like the game is afoot." Winters, leaned forward again, and contemplated his options.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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By Lieutenant J'goss Yass G'odoss on Sat Oct 17th, 2020 @ 8:05pm

Glad to aboard