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Is it him?

Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 8:31pm by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: Various Locations
Timeline: current

===5 hours ago-Romulan Ship===

"Well Lieutenant you have two options here, Tell us what we want or die" the Romulan said holding his own phaser to him.

"I don't know what your talking about? What information?" Wyatt said with sincere confusion. Wyatt could tell the Romulans could see his confusion. Let alone being scared to death.

"The target, The one that the Norris is after. Where is it?" the Romulan said in anger. "What do you want with it, I also don't even know much about it" Wyatt replied

"Well okay then lieutenant but you will pay for your lack of vital information" the Romulan said as he drew the phaser.

Wyatt knew this was it. He was never going to get the chance to be a captain.

"Get your damn hands off him" Wyatt heard someone yell" Wyatt couldn't exactly move but he did a glance at it.

it was a human but he looked like he was at least 16.

the man ran to the Romulan pushed him out of the way and grabbed the phaser. Upon freeing him handed it to him. "Your gonna need this until Starfleet arrives" He said "Your with Starfleet? why are you on a Romulan ship?'" Wyatt said

"You tell me first liuntnet" he said "fair enough ,I received anonymous intelligence from someone informing us that the Romulans were after the same thing we were. Our weapons and shields were down which kind of comprised our situation. I couldn't tell my captain because he had other priorities. So i had to beam down here. Take matters in my control" Wyatt replied.

"Very Nobel ill tell you later, We can overthrow this ship but more Romulans are coming. I promise that. We need to get you back on your ship before that happens." he replied

"Who are you?" Wyatt asked "I'm David Axelrod" Axelrod replied.

=5 Hours late=

The ship was now empty outside of Wyatt and Axelrod. well and the lifeless Romulan bodies that Axelrod has slaughtered . Just then a fleet of ships came out of warp. "Its Starfleet Wyatt" Axelrod replied. "How did they find us?" " I sent them a anymous tip. Ill go with them, Take the ship find your crew. Hurry though the other Romulans aren't far off." Axelrod said handing him his communicator. "Will be in touch"

Then the mysterious man was off.

Wyatt was now setting course for the chuck Norris. He knew where it was because he had happen to glance over a mission plan.

He quickly engaged it to max warp.

=Chuck Norris=

"Sir we have a Romulan bird of prey approaching the Norris." collier said "Put them through" Winters barked. "Aye sir"

"Hello Sir" Wyatt said. "Wyatt? How?" Winters asked "No time to explain There's a fleet of Romulans on the way. There after the target."


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