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Training and the Ruse.

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 6:41am by Lieutenant Balen Pibb & Chief Petty Officer Mark Ryoko

Mission: Trial by Fire
Timeline: En-Route, before the JP. and part 2


=Main Security=

Chief Ryoko strolled into the office with a stern look about him.

"So, when were you going to mention whatever it is you're hiding in the axillary shuttle bay on deck 5?"

Balen, just continued his work replying, "oh, that's G-14 Classified."

This would normally annoy him but, he laughed instead, "Balen. I was with you when you introduced that joke. I know. Good and well you're hiding something. And, you want to be the one who introduces it. Now, have I nailed it?"

Balen looked over the top of the PADD smugly.

"It's a drone." As, he looked back down again.

"It's a wut? You can't really be serious. Thats alot of cat and mouse for a 12 ton gain and Catain crew of 4."

"Oh, so you noticed?" As Pibb continued reading.

"I figured that Catain freighter got a little too close for a reason." As Ryoko crossed his arms, "so, when do I get to see it?"

=Axillary Hanger Deck 5=

Now, with Capt Winters in tow.

"So, I give you Eddie or EDI."

Winter's eyes widened. "That's a drone?"

What stood propped against the wall was a 5 by 15 ft craft with a large disk on top and a large dome at the rear. It was also littered with holo emitters.

"It is actually." Pibb said happily. Before, Ryoko asked "Is that a gravity well generator?"

"You're stealing my thunder dear Chief. This drone is fully automated, produces a Hologram of any smaller vessel. Like ours and has full sensor package and gravity well generator. So, to complete the ruse. It should appear like an honest ship or target on sensors. It's a joint venture between the Catains and Starfleet. This should give us a leg up, not to mention. No, one knows about it."

"And, Eddie stands for?" As Pibb finished off the the Captains inquiry. "Extreme Deep Invader. The Catains should have it ready to launch in an hour."


Lt. Balen Pibb
Uss Chuck Norris


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