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Hazard teams

Posted on Thu Oct 1st, 2020 @ 3:29pm by Lieutenant Ech'am G'ginloss & Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: Shipwide
Timeline: Current

"A day, a solid 24 hours to get this task done. Earth standard at least. Hours we use rotates in a 26 hour day. Lt Collier and Lt Pibb. Looks like i will need to link up with them to find out how many of everything I need to make." He says aloud to himself.

=/\= Lt. Collier and Lt Pibb, this is Lt. G'ginloss, I need to speak with you about the specs and numbers of the items you require. Meet me in the dining hall if you would. =/\=

"Pibb, its good to finally meet you in the flesh, eventually we should get to know each other but now is not the time. Business must come first. The Cpt has informed me that you and Collier need shield generators, armor, and weapons. I need to know the amounts, and specs on sizes you need."

"We will be needing 5 portable modulatable shields in a backpack formulation, 10 each of medium armor, phased melee weapons, plasma based rifle, with these specs. You should find that these types should be more advantageous within this ship or planetary strike missions." At this time Pibb handed a data padd to Lt G'ginloss for his records.

"Collier, good of you to stop by. It seems the two of you know no bounds when it comes to ingenious work arounds. Do you have anything in mind just yet to help me get ready to ensure we don't loose power to the ships systems?"

Collier raises an eyebrow. "You expect me to know an engineering problem? I normally don't worry about ship systems. They'll either fix themselves or I'll have to commandeer a different vessel."

"Thank you Pibb. Collier, since you had been on the ship longer then me I was inquiring as to your mechanical knowledge as you still know this ship better then I. You provide a well enough point in this case though."

As the three men continued to talk, the doors the the mess hall opened, allowing Captain Winters to enter and make his way over over to the conversing team.
"How goes it gentlemen? I hope we are making process with this request. I just came back from seeing Pibb's last little bit of handy work in making a drone for us to use at an appropriate time, and hopefully not a last resort."

"We are making progress in this mission request, now i should have all the specs and modifications needed to achieve what will be disastrous results to any who shall challenge us. Some ingenious modifications i might add." The klingon smiled at this with ideas and plans running through his brain already, with plans to add a shock capacity to those melee weapons to boot. Won't want to get hit by one of them when he is done. "Well gentleman, if there is nothing left I have 24.5 hours remaining. Would the three of you meet me in my department in 23 hours to go over the proper utilization of these weapons. You'll understand then why this will be important." He stands up, turns on his heal in the sharpest military fashion and heads to the door. "Qapla!"

Lt Ech'am G'ginloss
Chief Engineer
USS Chuck Norris

Lt Balen Pibb
USS Chuck Norris

Lt Douglas Collier
USS Chuck Norris

Cpt Aurther Williams
Commanding Officer
USS Chuck Norris


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