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Romulan Stew

Posted on Thu Sep 24th, 2020 @ 4:27am by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt & Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001
Timeline: Current


ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge)

"Sir, I am picking up so unusual readings." Lt. Pibb announced, to the some what quiet bridge.

"On screen" The view screen flipped on and showed nothing but stars. "Analysis Mr. Pibb."

After a few moments and a quick gentle tap of the console in front of him, Balen finally had his answer. "I would estimate it to be a cloaked ship of some kind. It must be an older ship for us to be able to detect it. Sensors identify is as a Romulan cloaking device of some sorts."

"Romulans? This far in Federation space? We are not at war with them, so I don't know why they would be out there cloaked. Sending out a haling frequency."

"Yes sir..." Balen followed the Captain's orders and waited. The answer the hail was quick as the Romulan ship decloaked. "Sir it has weapons locked on us."

"Shields up, red alert!" Winters barked out.

"Shields are functioning sir, but because our weapons have been changed for our exercise, we don't have any offensive capabilities." the tactical officer reported very disappointed.

"Hopefully they don't know that, target their weapons array. Let's see if we can hold them at a stalemate." Aurther stood up and looked over the data in front of him.

(Wyatt's Quarters)

Wyatt was now tapping his fingers on his desk. He was rather anxious. He knew where the Romulans were and why. Sure he had given winters a brief fill in but something didn't feel right. Winters now knew his real name. Quinton Lavigne which was intentionally kept a secret. No matter the truth can only stay hidden for a time.

Wyatt had a decision to make. He couldn't let Winters deal with his family affairs. Especially with the current mission at hand. A voice told him to sneak off the ship and turn himself into the Romulans, the other told him to not do it. Wyatt decided to get some food. It could be his last meal for all he knew.

(Mess Hall)

Wyatt ordered his favorite Pepperoni pizza from pizza hut(created with some old info found in the trash during a time travel mission.) Followed by a glass of orange soda and breadsticks.

Wyatt sat down alone in the mess hall. He began to eat when the idea came to him. It wasn't a wise one but it was done. "Its me there after. It's me they'll get." He told himself. He quickly grabbed his phaser, straightened his uniform and ran to the transporter.

"Out of the way" he said to the operator. As he pushed him to the ground. Wyatt quickly set the coordinates for the Romulan ship. Then made unauthorized contact with it. "This is lieutenant Quinton Lavigne. It is me you want let me beam over, then leave everyone else alone." He said.

"Deal" the ship said. So Wyatt beamed aboard.


Mr. Pibb what's the report on the Romulans? Winters asked. "Well they---appear to be leaving the ship" he replied "the Romulans are leaving Without attacking?" Winters told himself. "Stand guard Mr Pibb. In case of a sudden attack." Winters quickly announced.

"Aye sir"

=/\= Transporter room to Captain Winters =/\=

"Winters here."

=/\= Sir, Lt. Wyatt just rushed into the transporter room and beamed himself off the ship. The co-ordinates are those of the Romulan ship."

"What?!" Aurther's head spun to the viewscreen for a brief second to see the Romulan ship go to warp.

"Captain, should I lay in a pursuit course?" Lt. Collier asked.

"Negative, we are still unarmed and have no offensive weapons. It would do us no good to follow if they decided to turn suit and come after us. Lt. Wyatt had deciphered some intelligence about the possibility of Romulans in Starfleet space. If he transported himself willingly to the ship, I have to assume he has some kind of ace up his sleeve."

"Or he's already dead." Lt. Pibb added to the Captain's explanation.

"I'm going to go check his quarters, maybe he left something there. Mr. Pibb you have the Conn."

"Aye sir"

(Wyatt's Quarters)

Aurther entered the small quarters of Wyatt, it wasn't going to take too much time to give the whole scene a gander. For a brief moment his eyes looked at the mans computer, and thought that the answers might be there. However on second glace of the mans bed, he found a letter written to him, on paper.

"Dear captain.

Don't be alarmed by my absence. I am with the Romulans. I know I violated Starfleet protocol by sneaking off the ship. I expect to stand trial for that assuming I survive. I lied to you about my name. I apologize for that. They were ready to blow our nacelles clean off, and I couldn't have that on my conscience. I felt like that would be my only choice to help spare the ship and crew from any danger. Lastly the Romulans are headed to where we are as well, I can't say why, but you need to trust me on this even though I'm sure we are on shaky ground. If I can do what is needed to be done, I anticipate to see you and the crew again in the Turrer star system.

Sincerely John Wyatt.

"John... what have you gotten yourself into now?" Aurther hand the paper to his side and looked out the small window of the quarters, wondering where his intelligence officer was up to.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


Lieutenant (JG) John Wyatt
Intelligence Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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