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Posted on Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 @ 5:05am by Lieutenant JG John Wyatt

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001
Timeline: Current

==Transporter room==

Wyatt had heard that his former freind was coming aboard the Norris. He was now running towards the room as fast as he could to the room.

As he arrived he couldn't believe it. There she was after all these years. Wyatt had began to tear up."I-I know I left after the academy I hope you'll accept my apology and start where we left off.

"Of course Quinton I know why you left it was the last day and you were on your way to the Samurai. You got caught up in your excitement. Im a betazoid remember?" She explained. "Yes well I guess we need to resume huh?" "I suppose so quinton". Wyatt now revealed something about his personality that even winters didn't know. The two soon began to kiss.

They now begin to make their way to what was the holodeck to live a Paris night. As pibb caught them walking. "Ooooo". He teased. "Who's he quinton?" She asked. " that's balen pibb. I saved him once." Wyatt said sounding heroic.

About 2 hours later she left and wyatt began his duty. When winters came In. "Why did she call you Quinton Wyatt?" He asked with confusion. "Because winters my real name is Quinton Lavigne. Few people know this and theres good reason for that."

"Why if you don't mind my asking?" Winters said. "To protect my identity from a federation turned enemy. Supposed freind of my father's. He wanted to kill me. I escaped now hes on the hunt for me,has been for years. Hes even gone as far as to recruit romulans. I'm the reason the romulans are here. They want me dead."



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