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No more Anomalies.......But this is Starfleet

Posted on Tue Sep 8th, 2020 @ 3:58am by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001
Timeline: Current

Off: Okay I will try to make this as normal as possible.

On: "Liutienaut Wyatt to the bridge" Wyatts communicator chirped. Currently wyatt was more then eager to anything he could to take his mind of news hed recived from his old freinds. For once though wyatt began to feel something he hadnt for years. True happiness.

Wyatt felt he had finnaly caught up to his past involving his father. Saving pibbs life had beome the piviotal moment that he felt his father wanted of his son.

Wyatt had finnaly landed on the bridge. This wa the first he he had seen Winter since hed been promoted. "Hello liutnetant" he said "hello captain" To wyatt that felt good to say. Over the time he had been on the norris he had began to grow out of his idolizing of Kirk and Picard. Of course he wanted to be like them but someone else carved in to his heart. his hero had become winters.

he never expressed it though because he didnt feel it important.

'Okay i have a few things i need to discuss wyatt. "first things first though what you did for pibb was very brave wyatt. Anyway does the name
Leevre Bevem mean anything to you?"

"Yes she was a betazoid the first and only girl i ever loved. i havent seen or heard from her from since the days at the academy though. Why?"
Well i had a run into her the other day at the starbase. When she found out you were on the norris. well she told me shes been looking for you for years. I told her i would have you call her.

As wyatt was walking out of the office a though occured to him "After all these years." Wyatt then wnet back to his Quarters."Computer acsess file BETA. he told the ship. Suddenly "Trial by fire by journey began play. "Ah she used to love this song. Wyatt thought.



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