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*Genesis*- Trial by Fire

Posted on Tue Sep 8th, 2020 @ 2:50am by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: Why... Hello There! So, now we are going to start our new mission, I hope it's going to get everyone excited.

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Captain's Ready Room)

"Captains Log, Stardate 50679.2, the Chuck Norris has now spent the better half of a week in Starbase 10 completing the repairs that were not able to be completed, due to reasons outside our control. But now thanks to the cracked repair teams and our own engineering teams we were able to complete our repairs a full day and half ahead of schedule. I assume this is what we often refer to as the waiting game. My orders have been to hold fast at Starbase 10, until further orders. As mentioned before, the crew transfers are complete. I am sad to see our Chief medical officer leave, as well as our science officer, but I wish them the best on their new endeavors. As for me, I am getting accustomed to my new position, even if it feels like I have already been doing it for years, the title now makes things a little more official. End Log."

Aurther had finished his entry and stood up as the computer made a slight acknowledgment sound. Tugging down on his uniform slightly he looked out the small porthole in the ready room. Outside he continued to see ships, both Starfleet and not, entering, docking and leaving the Starbase. All in all, he was getting anxious slightly. He was out to prove to himself that he was where he belonged. It was also his hope that his spirit and attitude would transfer over to the other officers, helping make the ship a cohesive place to work.
The door chim went off, catching Winter's attention and having him spin around to face it. "I wasn't expecting anyone", he thought to himself.

"Enter." Winters called out as he stood behind his desk. An older women with red hair, wearing a single admiral pip walked in and stood before him.

"Captain Winters."

"Commodore, I'm sorry to say that I am on the disadvantage here." Aurther was upfront as he had never met this admiral before, but she would have the upper hand of knowing who he was.

"Commodore Francisca Devux, from Starfleet Operations." The two shook hands and Aurther motioned for her to take a seat, as she did, he sat at his desk across from her.

"What can I do for you Commodore." Aurther asked, a slight happy tone in his voice.

"For now, it can be Francisca, that Commodore formality will get a bit tedious. However I can guess you know that this is more about you than me, and it's about your orders." She said very matter of fact.

"Excellent, given our last few assignments I can only assume that it will be something nice and easy. Maybe a supply trip to Risa, cataloging gases anomalies or a second contact?" Winters smirked slightly, unsure if the Commodore could see it, but he noticed she did smirk back. However hers was more in a way that made he rethink his approach.

"Not quite Captain. Now I know that you have been onboard since the full transfer of all personnel. Transferred into the XO position, and combing through the logs of the ship and your fellow crewman, you have almost been running this thing by yourself. Captain vonMcMormick is a very by the books, paperwork officer, and as you know and I know from your record, that's not the right Captain for this kind of ship."

A few thoughts quickly went in and out of Aurther's mind. He could smell burned circuits and skin, inaudible screams, and even though the ship was docked, it seemed like the ship was shaking. That moment came and passed too quickly for the Commodore to notice. "I would agree, I think we both know my record which I assume speaks for itself."

"Indeed it does Captain, indeed it does." She smiled as she leaned forward in her chair, "That's why I have handpicked you, your crew and this ship for a special little assignment."

"Which is?" Aurther leaned in as well, his curiosity peaked.

"War games."

"War games?"

"War. Games." Commodore Devux made sure to get her point across. "Now, as you know, from your last encounter here at Starbase 10, we have noted that your crew is a little unorthodox, and may not do everything by the book."

"That would be ma'am... putting it lightly." Aurther acknowledged.

"Quiet, and as you would be aware as well that we are starting to put these Defiant class starships through a, well for better words, trail by fire. And that's what we are going to expect from you. We need to make sure of the capabilities of this ship, her crew, and tactics used. The U.S.S. Defiant was a premier ship, with the best of the best crewing her, and she was still lost during the Dominion war. A few others have been built, with varied results, so before we put this ship into full large scale production, Starfleet needs to know she will be reliable."

"That would be very prudent ma'am." Auther's excitement started to rise, he knew the crew would be excited about this.

"I have already contacted Starbase 10's engineering teams and will have them coordinate with your teams. The phasers will be adjusted to fire dummy beams to measure damage, as well as dummy torpedoes will be loaded as well. You are to take the Chuck Norris to the Turrer star system. There you will find a number of enemy vessels and defenses. There is a VIP target somewhere between the 3rd and 7th planet. They will have a Starfleet ID marker on them for you to find. You will have to extract this VIP with a ground force." The Commodore dropped a PADD onto the desk for Aurther to check over.

"That's quite the task." Aurther began to read the missions specs. They were both detailed, yet omitted a lot of information that would give them any idea what they were flying into.

"Well, that's what it was given to you. Your win conditions are to return to Starbase 10 with the VIP. Anything else with be considered an overall failure. You have 7 days once you have left the Starbase."

"That seems, very fair."

"And Captain, you may use whatever you can to complete this mission. If it strays from the books, as long as it's not too far, I will allow it. However the Prime directive and all regulations are in effect for this war game." With that, she stood up, "That will be all Captain, make sure the inform me when you have left the station so we may start the timer."

"Yes ma'am" Aurther noted and nodded to the women. She gathered herself and left the room and headed off the ship. Aurther let out a large sigh and looked down at the PADD. He knew that this would be both be a welcome change and offer some fun for the crew. Winter's saw that he had a lot of reading to do, but would need to address the crew and get the ship out as fast as he could.

OFF: There is the mission, will we be able to prove to Starfleet that the Defiant class is a solid ship? Who is this VIP? How easy will this be? Only time will tell!

Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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