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Passing of the Torch

Posted on Tue Sep 1st, 2020 @ 8:32pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: The Game is Afoot
Location: Starbase 10, U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: I think we can all say a great thank you to Captain vonMcCormick for helping getting this Sim back up, and getting a great core crew of players to help take it off. Now that he has stepped back, I think it's only fair of us to keep in the spirit of good fun and times to keep this going strong!
Good Luck on running the fleet!

ON (Starbase 10 - Outside Admiral Yoshimeyer's Officer)

Captain vonMcCormick and Commander Winters stood outside the doors. Aurther thought to himself almost what a fitting end to all this excitement was, somehow he had just got himself his first command, it the most unfortunate and yet, not unexpected way. There was a weird feeling that was pulsing through his body, that of slight fear but more excitement. Winters looked over at vonMcCormick who, if he had to be honest, did not look phased by the whole situation. Finally after a few more moments of quiet reflection vonMcCormick spoke up.

"I can't see I didn't see this coming?"

"What do you mean?" Winters was a little confused as he was unaware how anyone could see this situation from... coming.

"All those hours in my cabin, doing paperwork. You know that's what I'm best at, paperwork. That and research, which is how I guess I got onto the radar of species 8472. You know, I found out through articles and reports that there might be a couple of rouge agents embedded in the fleet, and I had been able to figure them out whenever we were doing that thing a few weeks ago."

"You mean when we had a reality show and had nothing but nonsense thrust on us?" Winter gave a sly glance.

"Yea, that, or whatever. I somehow knew that being that good would take you away from the command of a starship and land you on some planet. Out there in the wild, but still behind a desk, just sitting, reading, writing and researching." There was an unsure tone in vonMcCormick's voice.

"And now you're, sad? That you will be leaving this life behind now to go to that?"

vonMcCormick's head turned, his eyes wide with a giant smile on his face, "NOPE! This is what I was working for. No offense, the Chuck Norris is a fine ship, with a great history, but her style is just not for me. I like to have some room, room to move and stretch out, with only the best replicators, and buddy let me tell you, where I am going will be a welcome change. I have't seen a lot of sun light in awhile, and you know, my doctor says I should get more." Aurther laughed, as that was not response he was expecting. "I will be honest, it was fun to serve with the crew. Pirate, Omnipotent beings, traitors, Romulans, it was all good fun, but I think I need to slow it down."

"Fair enough sir." Aurther grinned, he didn't get the chance to get to know vonMcCormick too well, but he could see he was happy.

"Oh there's no need for that anymore." With that, vonMcCormick pulled out a small box from his pocket and handed it to a very confused Winters. He opened to box to find a single gold pip in it.

"Wait... how do you have this already?"

"Oh? I have had a habit of losing my rank pips every now and then. So now I have just made it a habit to keep on with me at all times so I don't look bad. I must admit, there are a few of them out there in the wild, so I would not be surprised if there are some officers who are not the rank they actually are." vonMcCormick chuckled.

"That's... that's..." Aurther laughed again, "That's just so you."

"Thanks! Anyways, according to this transfer order, my shuttle is leaving in 10 minutes, so I better get moving. I'm not good at goodbyes, so I will leave that in your hands. Just remember one thing Captain."

Captain, Winters did like the sound of that, "What is it Captain?"

"Space is a disease and a danger, wrapped up on darkness and silence, so you know, be careful out there." With that Captain vonMcCormick turned heel and made his way down the hallway.
Aurther stood there and stared as the man as he grew smaller and disappeared in to the crowd. Two thoughts went through his mind. Would he, and the Norris run into Captain vonMcCormick again, and how does one man get so strange.

(U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge)

There was a high tension still going around on the bridge. The senior staff were conversing with each other about all that had transpired over the last few days.

"The Captain and Commander have gone for awhile" Lieutenant Pibb said out loud getting the attention of everyone. "Does this not worry anyone else but me?"

"I don't know, I mean the Captain and Commander were not part of our little plan, so I am unsure what full charges or troubles they could get into. This is more of our doing." Chief Ryoko added.

"But you're not sensing danger I can see that." Pibb was looking at the back of Ryoko's head. Ryoko felt to make sure and nodded in agreement.

"I would defend him. Both of them!" Lieutenant G'ginloss added. "They are both honorable men who have been doing nothing but the correct actions."

"Maybe Wyatt can put in a good word for them? He seems like he has a lot of connections." There was a laugh held by everyone. "How is he doing?"

"Still in sickbay, probably in bed rest for a few more days, so we will see. Lieutenant Collier should be back to his old self too by that time" Pibb had just finished speaking when the doors to the bridge opened. Winters walked in and stood in middle, knowing he had to address the crew as soon as he could, to keep their morale high, and not have them worry about their future.

"After a rousing speech, and explanation of the events that happened onboard this ship and Starbase 10, Starfleet is going to let this one slide, with very minimal reports on the situation as it does not reflect good on anyone." There was an audible sigh, and a visual look of relief on everyone face. "However, the Captain has been transferred off of the ship and reassigned to a research outpost." a small gasp and astonishment now went throughout the room.

"So, who is Starfleet sending in as a replacement?" Lt. Pibb asked.

Aurther waited, and looked down, then back up and at the Lieutenant, "Mr. Pibb, make a note in the ships log. As of this stardate, I am officially taking command of the Chuck Norris." With that now out of the way, Aurther put the 4th pop on his uniform and took his new, old seat, in command.

OFF: And now, the real fun begins!

Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris NCC-NCC-4005


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