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Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2020 @ 6:47pm by Lieutenant Balen Pibb & Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Lieutenant Tessa Riley

Mission: The Game is Afoot
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


{Starbase 10, Yoshimeyer's Presidential Command Suite}

"I don't like it, Anderson," said the fake Yoshimeyer.

"Well, we could manually close the log, but we'll lose the link and any future recordings he makes."

Yoshimeyer pondered his choices for a moment. He looked down at his left hand, which had reverted back to a smaller version of an 8472 hand. He slammed it hard on the desk and it quickly appeared human again. Time was not on his side.

“Anderson, we’ll keep that link going for as long as we can for now.” He nodded towards his comrade, “Keep it going or you’ll be minced.”

{USS Chuck Norris, Bridge}

Pibb and Ryoko were both on the bridge contemplating there next move while scanning through the logs at the table to the rear of the bridge.

"This is interesting," Pibb pointed out.

The Chief looked over oddly, "what is it?"

"The ship is emitting a low but odd signal. I thought we had decided to run dark, with now transmissions?" Pibb Explained.

"We did indeed and it appears. We are indeed transmitting. I will shut it down at once." The Chief then ended the log.

{Starbase 10, Deck 42}

Winters was moving through the Starbase like he was on a mission, although that was exactly what was going on. There had been enough suspicion and questions that were unanswered that at this point his senses were telling him something was off. He wasn't sure exactly what it was, but he wanted to get to the bottom of it. However, again, his sense, was telling him that had to do with Captain vonMcCormick. There was the question of whether or not he should talk to Admiral Yoshimeyer directly, but figured he wanted to try to keep as low as a profile as possible. He couldn't trust Commander Hudson either, but maybe Ensign Riley. She seemed to annoy the Admiral and in this case that would be better than nothing. Aurther went out to find Ensign Riley, and then maybe head down to the best place to get info. The bars and restaurants on the lowers decks.

As if on cue, Tessa Riley came running around the corner. She almost bumped into Winters but managed to stop sharply before she made contact. “Sorry Commander, I thought I saw a bee back there. I’m allergic to bees. They make my head swell to the size of a yoga ball, and let’s not even go into what it does to my legs.”

Finishing with his conversation with the first officer he knew he had to get down to medical and check on that survivor. His survival would either confirm or deny everything that was being suspected. Was the admiral an imposter? If so, then that begs the question as to what his desire is on this station. How will he slip up, if he even does. So many questions racing through his head as the doors the the medical wing open up. There was someone over the body of the Ferengi, while its dark. Springing into action he attacked the person with a quickness. He caught him off guard just before he injected him with something.

"Computer, lights!" Came a voice from behind them as the doctor walked back in from the back with sleep still in his eyes.

Ech'am didn't take his eyes off of the person he caught red handed. It was a romulan agent attempting to kill the ferengi that was in the infirmary

"Doctor, call for security on the double." Lt G'ginloss said. Right as the brief pause between the word the romulan deftly swatted the blade away from her throat as she moved backwards. Attempting to escape the klingon quickly began pursuit. Three other officers joined in the chase as the klingon jumped to tackle this intruder, the others aimed and fired at the romulan agent. Knocking her down and stunning her allowed them to bring her to the brig for later questions.

Once he dusted himself off Ech'am walked back to the infirmary to find the ferengi still alive but not in time for the doctor to be, a second agent had just fired his disruptor killing the doctor which allowed Ech'am to maneuver to knock the second agent unconscious. He called for a second security group to the ward to remove and imprison this agent as well.

"Well buddy, you must know something, your valuable to someone as dead, and i intend to keep that from happening. Talk to me buddy, what do you know that is worth a bounty on your head?"


Winters, G'ginloss, Pibb, Wyatt, Collier


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