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The savior

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 6:48pm by Commander Ech'am G'ginloss

Starbase 10, it's once again on the horizon. How glad I am to see the rickety thing. Having been in service for longer then he was alive. How any mission could be his last. However Što-vo-kor was not ready yet for this young klingon. To have been killed by an enemy, the romulan commander. It would have been a worthy death knowing that his allies would have ensured victory afterwards. However, as it was planned, Awal had come to his brothers aid. It has been good to serve on a federation ship with his brothers in arms.

Another pip is soon to be put on my collar. 2 promotions in under a year. How uncommon is this to happen? On the other hand, how common is it? Looking up past records, it has happened on several other occasions, mostly on ships that have seen engagements such as they had been through in the past 9 months. I have learned so much under the tutoring of Captain Winters. I hope to continue learning from him for some time. Although I am concerned a little with how the admiral needed to speak to the captain before we docked. I pray to Kahless that the captain is in no trouble.

There will be a celebration once we arrive at the Starbase. I have recieved a message allowing my family to be there at the pinning ceremony. This is a grand day when the G'ginloss family gathers for there are 500 of us. There also will be a tournament, and pain stick ritual performed to cement this rank for all time. May I do my ancestors proud in the coming hours and may Kahless guide me in the next days of celebration.


Commander Ech'am G'ginloss
XO/Chief Engineer
USS Chuck Norris


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By Lieutenant JG Steven Wright on Mon Mar 29th, 2021 @ 2:35am


And congratulations Ech'am, you have earned this.