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A little excited

Posted on Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 @ 11:30pm by Lieutenant JG Steven Wright

Sitting at an Intelligence workstation, Wright reviewed the ship's Tachyon pings, the data from the Ferengi, and the usual of monitoring comms. Bouncing between several Windows on his workstation and two padds, he tapped away a personal log while he worked. He'd noticed a course change an hour into the journey, but he'd seen the XO whisper something when ordering the route, so made no note of having noticed.

//Financials had never been very interesting to me, but I make myself busy nonetheless. I don't have long before we arrive at our "destination", and am actually excited for my first combat mission with the Hazard Team. It will be interesting to see how I work with the rest of them in the field, but from our practices so far, I relish fighting alongside them. They all seem quite capable, and present themselves as unique individuals rather than mere soldiers. Then again, I should expect such from the Chuck Norris, she's proven a superior ship in all regards so far.//

Suspending or terminating all tasks at his workstation, Wright started on his way to prep for the mission. He wanted to be there when the summons go out.


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