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Posting: USS Chuck Norris: Arrival

Posted on Tue Dec 8th, 2020 @ 4:41am by Lieutenant JG Steven Wright
Edited on Tue Dec 8th, 2020 @ 4:44am

Wright worked away at the security station, transferring files and protocols to and from his personal padds, and filing reports. He'd long since sent a notification to the Captain and Lieutenant Wyatt of his arrival and assumption of duties, but given the situation, saw no purpose in pursuing formalities yet. That time would come soon enough, after they dealt with warriors, predators, or zealots, whichever this ship turned out to be. There was no way this mystery ship wasn't a prime threat, but the Norris was equipped to handle it. He had no illusions otherwise, she was a warship equipped with three Klingons, a Kelpian, and the first Hazard Team Wright had heard of. He decided that he'd mastered enough mental skills for now, he needed to be challenging his body too, and Intelligence work doesn't provide enough of that when stationed on a starship. They could certainly use a tech and language specialist that can stand on even ground in combat. Perhaps he should seek out the Security Chief to apply for Hazard Team, and explain some things he or his officers may have noticed since he came aboard.

The entire time his primary focus was reviewing current sensors and comms, and analyzing everything the science teams were getting. Technically his workstation was full of demeritable offenses, even access to current department data and tasks hadn't been granted when he started, as the command staff had been in a meeting, and Wyatt hadn't responded to a formality comms attempt, or knocking at his quarters since it had been on the way. Then again, he should have been courtmartialed by the age of nine for things he'd read when he shouldn't have even been able to access them.

Perks of being a tech whiz and having an Admiral for a father, things were essentially just waiting to be read, but it gave Wright comfort understanding more of the mechanisms and issues of a mental construct so large as the Federation. Ultimately, that was why he strove to be the most useful that he could to Starfleet, because he knew that by being a better mechanism, he made the construct stronger. He decided he was glad he'd given himself access, someone needed to be performing several Intelligence roles right now for this ship, and he could take care of things comfortably. Given it was his assigned station, he figured his boss wouldn't mind. Though we sent them both an explanation that he'd granted privileges from the proper accounts, and would not access any irrelevant data. That one might have reprecussions, he wasn't sure yet.

That decided it, he needed to request joint assignment to Hazard Team in person, and he should avoid any complications. Quickly saving, closing, and transferring most of what was onscreen, Wright opened feeds of data from science teams and visual sensor indicators on a padd, placing it on top of a stack. Doing one last check of everything happening at the moment, Wright turned and strode off is search of Chief Pibb. The man's a betazoid, but not a not a counselor, so he should be safe.


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