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Captain's log, Stardate 58720.3

Posted on Mon Sep 21st, 2020 @ 3:49am by Captain Aurther Winters

Captain's log, Stardate 58720.3, the Chuck Norris has left Starbase 10 and is on route to Turrer star system. I have ordered the ship to proceed at warp 6, rather than warp 9. I assume that Starfleet would be expecting us to arrive and do our job as fast as we can. However trying to throw a wrench into their plans already, I have decided to use a much more slower approach. Travelling at warp 6 will make our journey to the system take 4 days instead of 1. With this slight advantage, I hope to be able to take any force we encounter off guard. This will also hopefully give us time to set up this, "Hazard Team", that Lt. Pibb has brought forth. I have yet to inform Lt. G'ginloss that he and his engineering team will need to start creating some of the special equipment they need for their success. However, I have complete and full faith in our crew and our mission will be a major victory for both this crew and the Defiant class as a whole.

Winters Out.


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