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Enough logging already

Posted on Sun Aug 30th, 2020 @ 9:05pm by Captain Grover vonMcCormick


What makes you think this hair brain plan of ours will work?

My dear Keplian, it's so insane that it will work and work beautifully at that. Hell we...oh, nevermind.

Please state the nature of the Medical emergency.

Now, to copy and paste.... Skin overlay...

Balen, you can't promote him to that rank. No one in Starfleet has ever been ridiculously promoted beyond a Fleet Captain and even that rank is more of a running joke.

No, my Chuck will be a Supper Captain. I'm just Suppa Sayin is all.

This Chuck also, is programed with every major martial art ever conceived. Full knowledge of Starfleet systems and protocols, full medical database so each punch and kick will land with efficiency. No, this is the Chuck Norris of dreams.

Please state the nature of the ass kickable emergency.

Oh, yes..

Oh, Gosh Pibb. What have you done?

Fog yes.


Smith, if you please.

It's coming through now Pibb.

Are you really going to eat that apple while making such demands of the Admiral?

Oh, yes, my dear Ryoko. Eating an apple while such negotiations makes one look cocky and that's the idea.

Hailing frequencies are open Sir.

This is acting Captain Balen Pibb of the Ultimate Bad Ass Ship Chuck Norris, to the Asshole pretending to be Admiral Yoshimeyer or whatever you're calling yourself these days.

Son, you got a lot of nerve. I hope you've come to your senses and surrendering.

Actually, Sir. I've come to ask for your unconditional surrender.

You cannot be serious? All of Starfleet has orders to bring you in dead or alive. I don't care which.

Ready Acting Skipper Pibb.

Last chance.

You cocky son of a baboon, I'll have your arse.

Now, Mister Ryoko...

::Sabotage by the Beatie Boys begins::

Our shields. They are falling!

Well raise THEM!

I can't!!

Wanna reconsider Admiral?

Beam Suppa Captain Norris over to the Station.

Unleash, the Dog's of war!!!!

Oh, well end log then.

::end log::


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