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Personal Log Stardate 72550.1

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 12:45am by Captain Aurther Winters

Commander Winters personal log, Stardate 72550.1.

The Chuck Norris is now back on track and is on route to Starbase 10. I am glad to have everyone back onboard the ship, but somehow this entire mission has left me a little hollow inside. Right now the only thing that can fill that empty space in a nice hot chocolate and some beef jerky. A very colloquial snack I have been told, but those cold winters in Canada I can say that there was nothing better then having that after a long day treking in the snow. Well I mean for the winter, I would flip that around in the summer. Most people don't realize a cold chocolate, that isn't milk, but with frozen ice is just as delicious, at least in my opinion.
I must get back in the grove, and I think, again, since I left the Bonaventure, I had been letting my guard down. Getting just a little too comfortable sitting and following the mundane. However this whole TV show, reality, being punked,whatever the hell that means what not the juicy meat he wanted. Maybe something soon.

End Log


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