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Ensign Josh Anderson

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2020 @ 12:30am by Ensign Joshua ‘Josh’ Anderson

The journey to Starbase 10 had been rough. Two ionic plasma storms, a gravitational anomaly, and a subspace anti-time wormhole that was previously uncharted. Josh wondered if any of his future missions would be as eventful!

He stepped off the transport vessel, a small Danube-class runabout that had seen better days, and took in the busy corridors of the Starbase. There was a mix of Starbase personnel and civilians pacing through the corridors purposefully. Suddenly he could smell the aroma of food flowing through his nostrils.

To be honest, his stomach hadn’t been the same since the second ionic plasma storm, but he needed to eat something. Some Dutara Rootberry would help settle his stomach, and his anxieties, but he doubted he would find any on the Starbase. He only knew of two merchants that could get their hands on the multicoloured delicacy; and both were on Earth.

He grabbed the PADD from his back pocket and typed in his Starfleet password. The Starfleet logo was quickly replaced with an itinerary of belongings Josh was transferring over to his next ship, the USS Chuck Norris. He felt in his other back pocket for the small remote transport buffer. Unlike regular transporter buffers, this was only the size of a banana. Once interfaced with the replicator in his new quarters, he would be able to rematerialise his possessions that were currently suspended in transport on the buffer. An ingenious way of saving his back from carrying all his things in huge bags.

He returned the PADD and the remote transport buffer into his back pockets, and continued deeper into Starbase 10. Had the Chuck Norris arrived yet? He headed towards one of the larger docking pads to find out.


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