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Playing the Waiting Game

Posted on Mon Aug 17th, 2020 @ 3:26pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Current

OFF: Hey All! Sorry for my MIA for the last almost 2 weeks, just been on a summer vacation with the family where cell service and data was very sparse.

ON: (Starbase 10 - Recreation Level 34)

Aurther enjoyed these little moments in between missions. The Chuck Norris was a warship, and as a Defiant class, space was sparse and hard to come by. It's why they had to live with so little of the amenities that other crews would take for granite. An actual large mess hall, some with a cook. A holodeck, which could be used for work, but mostly to blow of some steam and have fun. Quarters that you could actually spread out in and make your own. Compared to other classes of ships in the fleet, the best way to look at it was from a 20th century standpoint. Most people would hope to be placed on an aircraft carrier, or battleship, but to the crews of a Defiant class, it felt more like you were stuffed into a submarine.
However now, as he sat in a restaurant on one of the recreation decks, this gave him the chance to really stretch out and rest. The lean he had in the booth he sat on was a welcome change to how he had to present himself to the crew. He had already been to the holodeck, did some weapons training, some extra command training to keep up with current times and protocols. However the last hour was all about him. Most people would never understand the joy of spending your time on thin pieces of metal, trying to keep your balance on a sheet of ice while chasing after a small piece of rubber, but hockey was a great outlet, and great exercise. He had hoped that it would make a return one day to the main light, but it sat in a niche market for now, and sometimes he enjoyed it that way. Although he did assume that perhaps some Andorians would enjoy it as well.

"Can I take your order sir?" The waitress asked. Winters was unsure how long she had actually been standing there before asking him such a simple question. He realized that he needed to stop getting lost in his own thoughts as much, and the fact that he was now analyzing this instead of just answering the question was not helping. "Would you like to hear what specials we have?"

"No thank you, to the specials at least." He smiled, "This is one of my favorite places to come when I get a chance too and I kind of always know what I want."

"Oh, just came in did you? Which ship?"

"The Chuck Norris."

"Oh... interesting." The women put her head down and grabbed PADD from her apron. There was tone in her voice, a somewhat suspicious tone that she maybe new something that Aurther didn't. There was an old saying that you would tell your bartender more than you would your doctor. And as a women in her field, she probably heard a lot of things in the background, or maybe people just opening up. He knew better then to press the issue.

"The taco platter please, with extra guacamole." He said quickly, trying to fill the silence.

"You got it, I'll have it out to you in a jiffy."

"Thanks." Aurther's mind started to wonder again, damn it.


Commander Aurther Winters
First Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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