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Let me down

Posted on Mon May 4th, 2020 @ 7:50pm by Ensign John Wyatt

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: U.S.S Chuck Norris (bridge)
Timeline: Current

"Commander let me back down there.I need to check something.Ensign Wyatt said "the hell is it Wyatt" "I think I found something does the name Ekav Th'shirhoss sound familar to you?"

"wait the Andorian scientist yeah what about him" Well in my own research i happend to come across one of his research papers."

"yeah and what did it say" "commander I've got some good news and bad news" "good news is I know where we are and i know why they haven't seen a enterprise since kirks"

"Bad news?" "bad news is the warp drive seems to currently be r not reparable it looks we could be here a while"

"Damn it Wyatt where the hell is here" "well according to the doctors research we are in a alternate timeline known as the Kelvin verse"

"it was kirk who visited them but not our kirk""Also apparently Dr.Th'shirhoss was a mole in star fleet he was secretly working for the Klingon empire""Everyone knows that Wyatt thats why he was executed by Spock"He regretted it ever since but suppressed that regret" "I know wyatt but hes not dead he traveled here i guess he hated the people of this planet and unknown to them deleted all their files from the fedearation. Somehow though one file remained which i happen to have here" "Okay wyatt send it to me through a transmission" "will do"

"Commander and Ensign Wyatt your needed on the Transporter"
"Okay will be right there"
When the two men arrived they both could not believe their eyes
For 5 men stood on the pads" two of which Wyatt immediately recognized. "Kirk,Picard How is this possible?""We heard a distress call from the future Wyatt it was traced to this ship we figured you could use our help getting back to our timeline and figuring things out"

Just then 4 more people arrived In addition to Data,Spock,Kirk,Ryker and picard Kathryn janeway and Benjamin Sisko appeared followed by Johnathan Archer then Christopher Pike"

"Uhm commander should the captain McGrover know that there is a star fleet reunion going on in his very own ship"

Close[What happens next will wyatt finnaly team up with his hero,What will happen with the former and current captains,and how exactly did they get here? you decide]


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