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Where are we?

Posted on Mon May 4th, 2020 @ 6:38pm by Commander Aurther Winters

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

ON: (Space)

The Chuck Norris finally slowed down from it's speedy trip through whatever kind of wormhole had pulled the small ship of out of warp and brought it now into an orbit around this unknown planet. The smaller vessel that had intercepted them now disembarked and made it's way back down to the planet leaving the Norris alone. The lights from her engines flickered, the rest of the ship seemed to make the trip unscathed.

(U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge)

"Okay people, I want a report and I want it now that all the excitement is done." Winters barked out, the red lights still flashing through the bridge. He made his way out of his chair and walked up behind Lt. Collier, still at the helm. "And I want to know where the hell we are exactly. This is definitely not Raython IV."

"Correct Commander..." Collier checked over his console, "The star charts around here are a little out of date. It might take a few minutes to determine where exactly we are."

"Understood." Winters remarked back.

"What I can say for certain is that we aren't going anywhere fast. The warp engines took some damage in whatever we just did. Engineering says they are working on an update on the problem. The impulse engines also took some damage and are working at 67% efficiency. It's a good thing we are already in a standard orbit around this planet, we can stay up here while we make repairs."

"Indeed", Winters nodded to the Lt., before making his way back to Ensign Wyatt. He was still working at his console as well and when he noted that Aurther was standing behind him spoke up.

"All other damage to the ship seems superficial at best."

Aurther nodded at the good news, "I am curious about the rest of the information you said before."

"I can't remember the name of the planet, but I remember that ship configuration, and upon seeing the planet is just jogged my memory. I think the computer will have a better understanding for a bit. But I have done a lot of reading of Kirk and his early days I think it might be relevant."

"Alright Ensign, well as we continue to figure our this mystery, let's just check over the ships systems one more time everyone, and a check on the crew, I want to make sure no one got banged around too much."

OFF: Where are we? What's going on? Only time will tell?

Commander Aurther Winters
First Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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