Scientific Possibilities

Posted on Sun Mar 20th, 2022 @ 11:23am by Lieutenant JG Alfred ‘Freddy’ Angier & Lieutenant JG Lyra Blake
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Mission: Death's Triangle
Location: Science Labs
Timeline: Present


{Chuck Norris, Science Labs}

Freddy had unloaded his belongings in his quarters and decided to make his way down to the science labs on deck two. To his initial horror, he found that there was no dedicated science lab onboard the Chuck Norris, or on any Defiant class vessels. Due to their class and designated mission protocol, Defiant class vessels didn’t really need any science labs. By design and theory, they’d be too busy fighting enemies in space-born dog fights than making any major scientific discoveries.

Entering the single shared lab between the science and medical division, he was met by an unfamiliar face. “Good morning.” He smiled.

The woman looked up from the workbench and greeted the man in return. “Good morning. Am I to assume that you’re our new science officer?”

Freddy stepped forward and smiled, “Your assumption would be right. Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Alfred Angier, but everyone calls me Freddy.” He extended a hand to the attractive young medical officer.

“Doctor Lyra Blake.” The woman took the man’s hand and shook it. “Chief Medical Officer. Nice to meet you, Freddy.”

Freddy caught sight of the woman’s pips and sighed audibly with relief. “Well at least I don’t have to call you sir or ma’am.” He joked.

“Not yet anyway.” Lyra winked.

“Planning on a promotion?” The man enquired.

“Maybe not anytime soon,” the woman admitted, brushing her auburn hair out of her eyes, “but you never know. Unfortunately this ship has seen its fair share of crew members coming and going in recent months. I get the feeling that Admiral Yoshimeyer enjoys screwing with the equilibrium of the crew for some reason.”

Freddy gulped hard at the sound of the Admiral’s name and smiled nervously. “I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Admiral Yoshimeyer.” He lied. “But anyway, I should be going. I only came down here to check out what labs this ship had to offer.”

“I hope you found what you were looking for.” The doctor remarked, her tongue firmly placed in her cheek.

Freddy caught the innuendo and smiled. “Maybe I did Doctor, maybe I didn’t. I haven’t made my mind up.” And with a final wink, the man exited the lab, planning on making his way up to the bridge to meet the Captain and the First Officer.


Lieutenant (JG) Alfred ‘Freddy’ Angier
Chief Science Officer


Doctor (Lieutenant JG) Lyra Blake
Chief Medical Officer