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Life… Uh… Finds A Way

Posted on Sun Feb 6th, 2022 @ 8:05pm by Lieutenant JG Alfred ‘Freddy’ Angier

Mission: Death's Triangle
Location: Various
Timeline: Present


{Starbase 10, Promenade}

Freddy had been sat for what felt like hours waiting for the return of the Chuck Norris. He’d just about given up hope when, whilst looking out of the nearest window, he saw a faint flash in the distance. This flash was a typical sky-blue colour, indicative of a starship coming out of warp.

“This has to be it.” Freddy crossed his fingers. “If this isn’t it, Admiral Yoshimeyer will have my head.”

As the distant ship grew closer, the sickening realisation sunk in. It wasn’t the Chuck Norris. It was a Yeager-class ship. Freddy got to his feet quickly and started pacing around the same 10 foot spot.

His past was catching up with him. He was effectively an undercover agent for a dodgy Admiral with questionable motives. And he had been threatened with death by airlock. Today was not his day.

Without much warning, other than a wave of static-tingling washing over his body, a bright yellow burst of energy emanated from the deck ahead of him. He covered his eyes instinctively, saving them from irreparable damage from the light and heat. When he lowered his arms, a man was stood where the bright flash had come from. A man in a Starfleet uniform.

The man stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Freddy tightly. He pressed a few buttons on some device he had strapped to his arm. “Wait!” Freddy shouted in both shock and disbelief, “Who are you?!”

The man turned his head, “The name’s Wyatt. John Wyatt.” Seconds later, the two men disappeared in a bright yellow flash of heat and energy, leaving only dark scorch-marks on the deck.


Lieutenant (JG) Alfred Angier
Chief Science Officer
USS Chuck Norris, NCC-4005


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