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How many is that?

Posted on Sat Sep 25th, 2021 @ 10:10am by Lieutenant JG Lyra Blake

Mission: Death's Triangle
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Lyra had spent the last few days getting familiar with sickbay. It was small compared to other ones she had worked within. Containing only four bio-beds, the medium-sized room was equipped with limited surgical facilities and was primarily intended to stabilize patients until they could be delivered to a nearby starbase or medical facility.

Just across the main corridor from sickbay were six stasis pods, allowing for patients to be stabilized in the event that their ailments could not be cured aboard the ship. There was no dedicated CMO office; instead Lyra would need to perch on what looked like a barstool in the corner of sickbay and use an access terminal.

And the cherry on the cake was that Lyra would only have two assistants working directly beneath her, neither of which were qualified physicians. She would essentially be “on call” 24/7. She found herself hoping that medical emergencies would become a rare event onboard the defiant-class ship.

Lyra was currently perched on the barstool-type seat in the corner of sickbay reading over the crew files again. There was an unusually high concentration of Klingons serving onboard, at least when compared to other species that currently served on the USS Chuck Norris. There were three in the senior staff, with another three serving in ancillary positions. Lyra brushed her long auburn hair away from her eyes and smiled, “I bet Klingon rituals get messy on this ship. The blood wine must really flow!”

The sickbay doors opened suddenly and a man stepped into the room. “Doctor Blake? I’m Lieutenant G’odoss, Chief Flight Control officer. I have reported to you to have my physical?”

Lyra got to her feet, slightly amused that one of the Klingons she just been reading about had arrived. “Very well Lieutenant, thank you for your cooperation. I rarely get anybody volunteering to go first when it comes to physicals, so thank you for setting a good example.”

“It is my duty.” G’odoss answered bluntly. “There would be no honour in refusing my duty.”

Several minutes later the physical was complete. “I must say Lieutenant, you are in excellent condition. Medically speaking at least. Thank you once again for attending.” Lyra smiled and nodded.

G’odoss simply bowed his head and exited the room. Lyra returned to her barstool to begin writing up the man’s physical report. “One down, another 53 to go…”

Dr Lyra Blake, Chief Medical Officer


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