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Knock Out Blow

Posted on Thu Jul 22nd, 2021 @ 8:58am by Ensign Daniel Hauser

Mission: Onassis Discovery
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


{Bridge, USS Chuck Norris}

“Now approaching the planet Onassis, sir.” G’odoss announced from the helm.

G’ginloss stood and approached the helm officer, “Good, take us out of warp Lieutenant. Put us into a geosynchronous orbit with the northern hemisphere and start scanning for anything out of the ordinary.”

G’odoss nodded, “Aye sir, taking us out of warp.”

The Chuck Norris shout out of warp approximately 180,000km above Onassis and moved into orbit of the mysterious planet.

“Sir, a vessel is entering the system at high warp,” came a shout from the tactical console, “its heading towards Onassis.”

G’ginloss moved away from helm and made his way towards tactical, “Can you identify the vessel?”

The tactical officer shook her head, a frustrated look evident on her face, “Negative. The ship is unregistered and has no active beacons transmitting. It could be a smuggler ship of some kind.”

The tactical console started to bleep loudly.

“Sir, we’re being hailed.” The tactical officer announced; the frustration on her face quickly replaced with mild confusion.

G'ginloss returned to the command chair and made himself comfortable, “On screen.”

The image of ’Williams’ appeared on the main viewer. “Starfleet vessel, please move away from the planet and allow me to pass towards the surface freely.”

“This is Commander G’ginloss of the Chuck Norris,” the young Klingon officer spoke with a dominating tone, “identify yourself and the purpose of your presence here.”

“I have your Captain, Commander.” The image of Williams was briefly replaced by a live feed of Captain Winters in his ‘cell’ before the image returned back to Williams. “Now get out of my way.”

Without warning, the Chuck Norris was rocked slightly by some kind of energy wave. “Report!” G’ginloss demanded aimlessly.

“Its some kind of electromagnetic pulse.” Zyngh offered, “It was emitted from the surface of the planet. But it didn’t penetrate the shields.”

The ship was rocked once again, only more violently this time. The lights shut down, consoles became blank, and the hum of the engines cascaded down to silence. The ship was effectively dead in the water.

“Zyngh? What happened” G’ginloss shouted for answers as the emergency lighting kicked in.

“Best guess?” The reptilioid shrugged slightly sheepishly, “The first pulse was to test our shields. The second pulse was the real deal.”

The Commander shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “We need to do whatever repairs we need to do and get down to the surface quickly. The Captain may be in grave danger.”


Ensign (Dr) Daniel Hauser
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Chuck Norris, NCC-4005


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