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Home Again! Home Again!?!....

Posted on Sun Mar 28th, 2021 @ 10:46pm by Lieutenant JG Djon Zyngh & Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti
Edited on on Fri Apr 2nd, 2021 @ 6:15am

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Starting out in the Ship's Shuttle Bay.
Timeline: Before the arrival at Starbase 10

"Motho ya Makzxtshyng, you old fart, is Zynned Elock Myra, in that shuttle, too." Djon fondly addresses the ABathuian disembarking a shuttle from the Ancient Battlecruiser "Sabole Ehza Ttoka". That is Flanking the USS Chuck Norris, NCC-4005, at a 1000 Metres to Port.

"Yes, you young Whipper-Snapper." Zynned Elock Myra grecalls. "I wish I could have joined Your Rommie kick-butt party." Djon's Maternal "Cousin", chuckles patting Djon on the back.

"I'm here too." Snipes Ntoa ea Selekane, Djon's Maternal Cosin's Second in command, as he follows Zynned out the shuttle's hatch-way.

"Where's that Olde Reprobate, Squeazal?" Hisses Djon's Paternal "Cousin": ' K'haonte Eayho Raha ' stalking-out of shuttle last.

"I being here too." Squeazal Chirps happily, "Letting me introduce his "Bossy-Man" Capt. Aurther Winters." 'The Olde Reprobate' announces as stands on two 'hind paws' gesturing grandly toward USS Chuck Norris's Capt. Aurther Winters, with his four 'upper arms & paws.

Without missing a beat, Aurther stretch out his hands and shook the various hands of Djon's cousins. "Aurther Winters, as introduced by the Ensign here. Commanding Officer." He gestured to the small shuttle bay. "I am sorry if you were expecting a much larger ship, such as a Galaxy or Sovereign, but this is our little slice of home away from home. Cramped... but cozy. If you all would like, I can offer you a tour of the ship. I can assure you it won't take that long." Winters motioned again to the nearest door and began to take the group out on to deck 4. "Also, I have heard through Djon's report, that we some gratitude to send your way, as apparently unbeknownst to me, you were aiding us. Care to elaborate on that?"

" Thank You! Capt. Winters, we'd enjoy a tour of your ship." Zynned Elock Myra, politely replied. "Not to worry, Aurther, I can call you Aurther?" he asked inquiringly, finishing with, " It not the size It's what it can do." he winked knowingly at Squeazal, who chuckled and bowed back in response. He continue with, gesturing toward Ntoa ea Selekane, his Second in command, "That more Ntoa's wheel-house."

Taking his que Ntoa ea Selekane explained, " Without get too technical, It was done with a Targeted Phase Modulated / Focused Intensity Spread Micro-Burst, of Phasers on Stun. In short, taking into account the difference in physiology of the Romulan's and the other Humanoids involved." Ntoa stated nonchalantly as they went along. "It comes in handy on ship or hand-held weapons in the 'Bounty Business, Capt." Being formal in his delivery, 'waiting' for a response, to Zynned's use of the 'less formal' "Aurther Query".

"Well I for one are never above asking for help. So it much appreciated." Aurther smiled and nodded. As he lead the tour through the ship. The first spot to stop was the small yet impressive engineering. After a generous look around, the group left and started to make their way to sick bay.

"It's actually very interesting, the Defiant class, which the Chuck Norris is, is actually classified as an "escort"." Aurther made air quotes.

"Is it not?" Ntoa ea Selekane questioned curisouly.

"The difference comes down to, what's on the the screen, as opposed to what it can actually do. On, paper, so to speak, it's an escort. Out in the field, think of is as on overpowered small battleship."
Leaving sick bay, Kronnelti figures he will go to his quarters and relax forca bit, he thinks to himself if the Cap't needs me he'll hail for me even for the simplest thing. With a sigh of relief Awal says under his breath it's good to be back on this ship.
"Like I said, Aurther, 'It's not the size, but It what IT can Do.' " Chuckled Zynned.
"This next section is rather Techy yet Cozy." Notices Djon's Paternal "Cousin": ' K'haonte Eayho Raha '.
As They enter the Science/Medical Lab, Djon takes his cue and waves his right arm and hand around slightly , " This is the Science/Medical Lab where I hang-out with Lieutenant JG Steven McCloud the ship's Chief Medical Officer, when he's around, and Squeazal." He continues ending his gesture by patting Squeazal on the head, "When not on duty on the Bridge, with the Capt. or the Command Officer on Deck."

"Oyfhgear Vaydhpaxs, our Science/Engineering Officer and Phtreaj Leyghwqis our 'Medicine Man', would have liked to seen this." Said Ntoa ea Selekane, Zynned's, Second in command, adding, "Maybe Oyfhgear and Phtreaj can 'pop-thru' before we have to be on our way.", he finished glancing slightly at Zynned, before turning to face Aurther.

"Oyfhgear and Phtreaj are still aboard the "Sabole Ehza Ttoka"." Zynned, taking his 'cue', "We had to leave someone aboard to run things.", looking toward Aurther he adds inquiringly, "Maybe they can buzz through later; but now on to your ship's "Mess Hall", Aurther. I would like to see how these Replicator things work. We keep our 'eatables', alive in ...something your older ships Hibernization Bays..or ..Whatever." Zynned, trails-off gesturing politely for Capt. Aurther Winters to continue the tour.
Djon asks the Capt. on-the-QT, as they leave The Labs on their to Mess Hall, " How's Awal doing, Sir." trying to not be heard by his relatives, who be discreet enough not to listen anyway, " He looked like "Shit"."

"Don't worry about Awal too much, he is strong and proud Klingon. If anything was hurt the most with him, it was probably his pride more than anything else." he said discreetly to Djon, before returning to his normal volume. "If will follow me this way gentlemen, the mess hall is only a short distance away." Aurther motioned and began to lead the family affair down to the mess hall. Djon had taken a close proximity to have a more private conversation as they walked.
"However again, being captured and tortured can have an effect on a person's psyche. And if there is one thing I know well about Klingons, is that they are reserved people who don't like to share much. You can keep an eye on him if you would like. Report to me if you see anything unusual, but until I hear otherwise from the Doctor, or himself, he is fit for duty, and I would appreciate discretion in this matter." As Aurther finished, the group made their way into the Mess Hall and addressing them. "And the talk of the town around here... our mess hall with it's replicators."

"Interesting! How do get them to work?" asked Zynned asked quizzitively , as Capt.; Djon; Squeazal, and Djon's relatives gathered around one the Mess Hall Replicators, adding, "Do you just "Tell" It what you want.?"

" 'Real' Teagas Blood Wine, hot." Said Squeazal in a deeper more articulate than usual.

A rather interestingly shaped handleless Glass Mug with a clearish red liquid appeared. Squeazal, who standing on a chair, he had pulled-up, handed it to Zynned, with his two upper arms and paws.

Zynned, nodded acceptance toward Squeazal, and took the Mug in both hands and sipped It tentatively. Then Smiled, saying a slightly audible, "Phethahetse letheba ka!" and pasted in around starting with the Capt.

Winters started to feel like these cousins of Djon were going to be just as fun and rowdy as the Klingons that were serving on the ship. He had a thought of, for a brief moment, of the two parties getting together for a party. There would be no survivors. He laughed to himself slightly, as his own jokes always made him laugh.

=/\= Bridge to Captain Winters =/\=

The Captain tapped his Comm badge, "Winters here."

=/\= Sir we will be dropping out of warp shortly, on route to Starbase 10. Approximately 30 minutes away, I just thought you would like to know. =/\=

"Thank you Commander G'ginloss, I will be up shortly. Winters out." Aurther turned back towards his guests, "If you would like to get straight to good part, may I suggest we make our way to the bridge. It might be a little cramp, but I seem to be headed the way."
Awal's ready room

Just after everybody starts leaving the mess hall you could hear a Klingon start screaming, throwing shit across the room and what not.

While trying to rest Kronnelti went ape shit hallucinations of the Romulan Commander in his room with his phaser set to kill, with all of this commotion Cap't Winters and the others had to make a quick detour.After a quick sprint the group rounded the a corner and ended up at Lieutenant Kronnelti's quarters. Tapping in his master access code, the doors opened up. Winters saw Awal swinging around wildly with a phaser in his hand. Without any hesitation Aurther immediately ran into the room and tackled the Klingon to the ground. The two wrestled to the ground, and within seconds Djon also entered the room and helped pin Awal to the ground. As the two men wrestled Djon was finally able to pry the phaser away from Awal and toss it to the side. With Awal disarmed, Djon used all of his large body to keep the Klingon pinned down. Awal thrashed around still trying to get free and screaming. Winters stood up, panting and adjusted his uniform. Taking a deep breath in, he tapped his Comm badge. "Winters to bridge I need a security team to Kronnelti's quarters immediately."

=/\= Aye sir, security team is on the way =/\= Pibb responded back to the request.

"Awal! Awal!" Winters said firmly to Kronnelti, but he didn't seem to recognize his voice, the man seemed to be hallucinating, as he was not making any sense, just babbling.

As Awal was being pinned by Djon all he could see was two Romulons, see Winters was yelling at Kronnelti to get his attention but in Awal's head he heard the words we're going to kill you over and over. All those routine beatings really screwed with him to the point all he wanted to do was murder all Romulans, as Djon used his weight to hold the, Klingon Lt ,Awal,down.
Djon was trying to get Awal into sleeper hold, Djon had learned from his Mixed Martial Arts Training, which allowed to split his attention/mental focus and "act" more "Broadly".
His Black Belt Level 'move' was slightly defocused when he noticed, because of this "Broader" situational awareness that his Cousin Zynned 'Section 31' Third Party Operative Status.
In short, the 'Thought', " Zynned must not have mentioned to the Capt, because this isn't an Official Visit." Thus, "Signaling" his Cousin not fire.
This allowed Awal to move Lower Jaw around the Right Arm Djon had around his neck to decrease breathing...and in an adernal pumped move Bite deeply into Djon's Arm.
Causing Djon to releasae his Left arm hold pinning Awals arms behind his back, and back palm Awal unconcious, before before going intop "Martial Arts" learned Repair "Sleep" to reduce the blood loss in his Right Arm.
Thus leaving the security team arriving to see both Awal's body and Djon's body laying motionless in the horror that Winters had to see. Winters requested that both men be brought to sick bay to be looked over but most of all have Kronnelti's brain scanned to see what the Romulans really did to him and just to be extra carful they gave Awal an extra sedative to keep him out to proceed with the scans.

"Get these two to sickbay" Winters commanded as the two men were picked up by the security teams and followed his orders.

Zynned, suttley gestured the others members of the Visiting Abathu Shuttle Party, to refrained from Ritual 'Congratulatory Shout" and staccato hand clap "salute" for a good fight.
Zynned also, royally pissed at himself getting Djon 'damaged', by not making his 'Section 31' Third Party Operative Status, phaser known earlier.
"File to mention to the Capt. Later, thing already enough of a Mooshava." he thought to himself , saying, "If, Phtreaj Leyghwqis our 'Medicine Man', can help with Djon, and Of Course the Lt. Please don't hesitate to ask."


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti
Lieutenant Djon Zyngh


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