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To Kelvin with love

Posted on Fri Feb 5th, 2021 @ 2:42am by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001
Timeline: Kelvin

For once in the course of Wyatts misadventures. (Regardless of this one not being his doing). He was actually enjoying it. Not that he didn't miss the prime. More that he loved being a XO.

Yet he still Didn't feel right. It was as if he was in a body that wasn't his own. With the Same memories.

He couldn't help from fighting a constant war. With his fake or real memories.

Yet still command needed attention.

"Sir were receiving a unknown transmission" the comm officer said. Putting the com to her ear.
"Are they hostile?" Winters asked with extreme precision. One wrong question could prove fatal.

"Fortunately no. She says her name is Rae Johnson."
The comm officer said.

"Wait a minute say that name again" Wyatt barked.

"Rae Johnson, Do you know her?" She pried further.

Suddenly Wyatt felt easy. As if he was pure Jell-O. Followed by lost vision. "Mom your alive" Wyatt said as he collapsed on the floor.

"Crikey! Not again" Aurther stood up and made his way over to the man. "I'm not sure what this keeps happening to him. You would think that this would have been noted in his file."

"You would imagine, I hope he dosen't faint when we need him the most." Pibb added as he check on the mans vital signs.

"Pibb Get him to sick Bay stat. " winters barked again. "Don't leave until he is with the doctor." He added.

"Yes Sir" Pibb replied as he picked up the lifeless man, "Damn he was heavy" he thought in his head as he threw the man over his shoulder and made his way down to sick bay.

"We are being hailed by this Ms. Johnson." The comm officer announced. Winters spun back around and took his seat. "On screen."

"Hello Captain, I am Proctor Johnson of the Republic of Urnova, and I have some vital information for you."

"Captain Aurther Winter of the Federation. Information?" He asked with a slight pause.

"Yes, as our two governments are working together, we heard down through some reports that you are looking for a Lt. vonMcCormick. Something about him selling out secrets of Starfleet and such."

"More or less that is correct."

"Well..." Johnson paused as she read through her report, "We want was is best for our alliance, as well as our sector. Having such a criminal would not do anyone any good. Based on scans and some investigation on our end, we have been able to locate him." She pointed off screen to someone, "We are now transmitting the data over to you now, but needless to say his hideout is on Hiobos V, in the Iulara star system."

"Hmm, that's about 12 hours from here. This would be a big break if true." Winters looked over at Lieutenant G'ginloss. The tactical officer nodded as the transmission was complete. "We will proceed on route with this information as we attempt to authenticate it with our intel as well. Should have anything more, please let us know as soon as you can."

"I will Captain... by the way, might I be able to speak to my son before you leave"

"I would love to help you with that, but he passed out just as you came into range. He's in sickbay now, but as soon as he can, I will have him contact you." Winters smiled and nodded, with Johnson returning the favor.

"Thank you, Captain." The comm line closed.

"Helm, set course Mr. Collier, the Iulara star system, maximum warp."

"Course plotted in, spinning up the warp coils." he gleefully replied.

"Kick it," Winter announced with authority, and the Chuck Norris disappeared into the blackness of space with a bright blue flash.

===Med Bay==

Not even an hour had passed since departure. When hell broke loose. As Wyatt slowly regained conciseness.

"Wyatt to Winters", he called out as he tapped his Comm badge. There was a brief moment of silence as he waited for the reply back.

=/\= Winters here, and a little busy at the moment Commander. We have multiple incoming hostiles, if you cleared I can use you back on the bridge. =/\=

"Yes Captain, I am, I am cleared." Wyatt had not actually been cleared for duty, as he had just woken up. However, he knew there was nothing physically wrong with him, just the sudden change to where he was and the fact that his mother was alive and here just took him all by surprise. He rolled out of the bio bed and quickly looked over at doctor G'odoss. The Klingon seemed distracted, probably preparing for any casualty that they would face. He took that time to made a quick exit from sickbay and made his way to the bridge. A turbolift and quick walk had him back in action. Just as he entered the bridge the ship rocked from weapons fire and Wyatt was forced to catch himself on the side of the bulkhead.

"Return fire, target their weapons array!" Winters commanded out. Wyatt's eyes drew themselves to the viewscreen and saw that they were engaged with two Romulan T'varo class ships. Larger ships than the Chuck Norris, but not as well armed or defended.

"Wyatt..." Winters said as he faced him, "Get to your station."

"Ay, sir" Wyatt replied."Where did they come from" Wyatt added.

"I don't know. I just know one thing. They aren't getting away." Winters barked. Wyatt just decided to let Winters have his fun. One wrong movement and Winters would have become Sisko.

That was a scary thought. Suddenly Wyatt's thoughts changed. As he caught a glimpse of the ships. Why did they look familiar? Had he seen one before? Bout five minutes later one came into further sight.

"Are those.....Romulans?" Wyatt thought. "Captain Were dealing with the Romulans" Wyatt assured. "How do you know?" Winters Questioned. As far as Winters was concerned. He may have been right. However, he had grown suspicious of Wyatt. As if something was off about him.

"Blow them up. Let's get this done quickly." Winters ordered.

"This doesn't make sense" Wyatt said to himself quietly.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer


Lt. John Wyatt
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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