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Starfleet Christmas Carol

Posted on Sat Dec 5th, 2020 @ 5:01am by Lieutenant John Wyatt

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Wyatts quarters
Timeline: Current

Off: with Christmas coming up I thought I'd take a Christmas carol/its a wonderful life spin on things.

On. "Quinton, Quinton the man heard a familiar voice

As he turned to the voice. There was a man there aside his bed. Wyatt knew who this was but how? How was he here? His father had been dead for 5 years yet here was.

Wyatt had decided he'd seen enough weird shit. "Just roll with it" he told himself.

"So Quentin how are you?" Dad how are you here? Y-your dead" Wyatt said with confusion.
"I'm not I'm a remnant of a past memory. I am here to talk you out of a descion. His phantom said. "Heh and what's that?" Wyatt chuckled "leaving Starfleet" the phantom said.

Tonight you will be visited by 2 memories. The memory of present and future. Upon futures a
Departure a descion must be made." The phantom said as he faded away.

"Yeah that's not going to happen" wyatt thought."some drunk mans fantasy."

For a moment wyatt thought he was safe. Then it happened. winters was in his quarters. No it wasn't winters in the flesh. Of course not. Why would winters break in? This winters appeared to be a phantom. Like the one earlier. "Hello wyatt," phantom winters said in a familiar voice. "Come get dressed there is much to see"

Wyatt realized he didn't have a choice. He quickly got up. Extracted his badge. Straightened his uniform and was off.

In a matter of moments. Wyatt was in his seat on the bridge. Only he was missing. In fact his name wasn't even being mentioned."Captain wait did you forget about me? Wyatt said to the current winters.

"They cannot see you nor hear you wyatt. Your present does not exist as far as there concerned." Phantom winters said from the corner.

"Wyatt this is what Starfleet would be like without you, You wish for this?" "I-I dunno" he replied.

Fact was wyatt couldn't answer. The bridge was full of misery. Winters was ordering people around with a rather melancholy tone. Everyone else followed.

"Come there is one more memory." Phantom winters said.

And again he was back in his bed. Winters was gone with the wind*.

Suddenly the last memory came. Only this one looked like the late actor Jimmy Stewart.

"Wyatt come see the future" Stewart said. Motioning a newly conjured door.

Man wyatt did not want to see this. Yet he did.
He was in the Starfleet archives. Staring at a holographic series of letters.

Quentin D Lavigne(John wyatt)
# 2334-2378

Upon seeing this. Stewart took him to the bridge of the chuck Norris.

Winters was there. However this was not the winters wyatt knew. Not even a chance in hell.

This winter had a large belly and had a bottle of some poorly replicated wine. The rest of the crew were either dead or gone. Wyatt saw winters crying.

This was something wyatt couldn't bear to see. "Stewart I wish to see no more" wyatt boasted.

"Very well wyatt" he said as he conjured another door.

He was now back to his quarters. Same pillow,same bed and same walls.

Then his father came back. As the phantom.

"Quinton what you saw hasn't happened. They were more possibilities." He began. "I get that Jenkins death has distraught you but as you saw winters needs you, get to know the new XO. Make Jenkins proud" he said. As he faded off like sulu at the helm.

(A hour later)

"Wyatt are you okay" wyatt heard as he woken up. "Yes I'm fine" wyatt said as he let winters in."

"Wyatt you've been asleep for 2 days now" winters joked. "I pulled a Jimmy Stewart captain"

* pun intended

# not exact years.


Liuntenat John Wyatt
Cheif intelligence officer
USS Chuck Norris


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