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Training on holodecks

Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 1:40pm by Lieutenant J'goss Yass G'odoss & Captain Aurther Winters & Ensign Jack Keegan

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Holodeck star base 10
Timeline: A Few Days Ago

(Starbase 10 - Holodeck 6)

Lieutenant G'odoss taped his communication Device, "Ensign Keegan Please Report To Holodeck 10 for you flight training". As he waited for the young Ensign, he went through some command programs of the legendary Captains like Pike and Kirk and also looked at some of the holodeck training scenarios to challenge him as a commanding officer and to make sure Keegan is challenged.

Jack tapped his combadge. =^=On my way Lieutenant.=^= He pondered over what he'd be doing in the holodeck. Probably something to do with being a pilot, Jack thought.

As the young Ensign arrives. Lieutenant G'odoss says, "You are probably wondering why I called you to holodeck. The reason I called you to this holodeck is the ship is docked for repairs and you need some flight time, so we will get your time in on the holo flight deck right now. I will push you through these different scenarios but it will also give me command experience as well" then G'odoss asks "you ready to begin we Ensign".

"I am, in fact ready", Ensign Keegan replied in a determined tone, as he wanted to get some more experience in flight control.

“Holodeck Birds of Prey simulation, Winters 7-1 Alpha", Replied Lieutenant G’odoss. This was a program that Captain Winters had told him about it was a training mission that made him The Captain he was today. He had research and it had some flight simulation in which was good for the young Ensign as well “Begin program". Keegan took the Flight Controls and G’odoss took the Captain's chair. The Lieutenant picked this holodeck program cause it reminded him of his first mission aboard the Norris where he had to expose the weakness of a bird of prey to the captain and he also knew from his studies growing up on Romulus and being Klingon. His advanced studies at the academy of all the birds of prey and how to fly them and know all their weakness but he only did this at an Entry-level officer, not as a Command-Level so this would be A challenge for the lieutenant as well as the ensign ( here goes nothing ) thought the lieutenant then Says “Ensign Slow and Steady main thrusters on put her at 3/4 impulse."

(Winters Office - Starbase 10)

Aurther's attention was drawn over to his computer as it flashed a message at him. Placing down the PADD onto his desk he spun slightly and acknowledged the message on his computer. His fingers tapped over a few notifications, but the last one caught his attention. He has set up to be notified if anyone on the ship was using his training programs. Lt. G'odoss has come to him earlier in the day and asked him about some programs, which Winters was more than happy to offer his some good suggestions.
He had made Lt. G'odoss his second officer, as he saw the drive and passion in the man to prove something. He was not sure what yet, but his ambition was almost limitless. There was a slightly worry that it might blind him in some cases, and decided to give him some programs that were actually unwinnable to see how the man would react.
He closed the window, and knew that would be able to see the holodeck report after the program ended. There was no point to micromanage, and the paperwork from the last mission was only halfway done.

(Currently In Starbase 10 - Holodeck 6)

LT G'odoss continued to drilling the young Ensign. Though all scenarios but can't seem to ever win (The Kid is a great pilot thought G'odoss) was it his command style making them fail or was the young Ensign just not a as great pilot he thought "Computer what level is this program" G'odoss asked "Level 6 sir ", the computer replied. No wonder thought the lieutenant " computer take off all safety Protocol" Ensign get ready for the ride of your life " I need you to swoop in on the left side of that Romulan bird and when you see that little pink spot under his wing fire a proton torpedo " that's an order Ensign" .

"Aye sir". Jack tapped at his console, and the ship went downwards, and he tapped again, to designate the ship going into a barrel roll, and while the bottom of the ship was facing the bottom of the wing of the Warbird, he fired a torpedo, and then did a barrel roll again, to turn the ship upright.

"Damn Kid " G'odoss said as the Bird Exploded " fancy flying kid reminded me of well me except I would have done a back flip but I would say you exceed my my expectations alot my brother might get jealous you do have a knack for flying"

"Here comes the the Klingons same thing just the right side this time"

Ensign Keegan tapped the controls, to designate the ship to fly around the front of the ship, then he tapped again to fly downwards and he did the same maneuver he did before, while firing a photon torpedo.

Simulation complete says the computer

"Beat that Captain" being the first ever to pass the simulation.


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